Friday The 13th: The Game

Mapa de falhas e interrupções no serviço Friday The 13th: The Game

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Friday the 13th: The Game é um videogame de terror de sobrevivência desenvolvido pela Gun Media e IllFonic e publicado pela Gun Media. É baseado na franquia de mesmo nome de propriedade da New Line Cinema.

Locais mais afetados por falhas e interrupções no serviço Friday The 13th: The Game

Nos últimos 15 dias, as reclamações sobre interrupções e problemas tiveram origem em:
Localização Reclamações
Maywood, IL 3
Milan, Lombardia 2
Hamburg, HH 2
Grimbergen, Flanders 1
Strasbourg, ACAL 1
Monza, Lombardia 1
Turin, Piemonte 1
Oswego, IL 1
Petawawa, ON 1
Sundsvall, Västernorrlands län 1
Marion, IA 1
Chicago, IL 1
Louvain-la-Neuve, Wallonia 1
Round Hill, VA 1
Modena, Emilia-Romagna 1
Moosburg, Bavaria 1
Saint-Hyacinthe, QC 1
Selm, NRW 1
Paris, Île-de-France 1
Lille, Hauts-de-France 1
Genoa, Liguria 1
Brescia, Lombardia 1
Sydney, NSW 1
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Friday The 13th: The Game comentários

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Friday The 13th: The Game

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:
  • IcyDeathspike (@IcyDeathspike) relatou um problema

    @Friday13thGame Please give us dedicated servers back and fix the perk roll system that's all we ask

  • boo boo shoester (@WhyYouMad94) relatou um problema

    @acecivic @Friday13thGame They can’t because of copyright issues

  • 𝟦𝟤𝟢 𝓉𝒶𝓏 (@TAZWRLD) relatou um problema

    @LolaHepp8 @Friday13thGame can y'all plz fix ur servers it keeps crashing

  • 🔪 (@EVlLWlTHIN) relatou um problema

    | fix your game @Friday13thGame

  • ✫ #MAL | Kermit 🇨🇺🇺🇸 ✫ (@HidenFromBide) relatou um problema

    They should sell @Friday13thGame to a company that cares to make more content and fix the servers

  • James (@IzJuice) relatou um problema

    @Friday13thGame on PC I’m having a problem I’m only able to join one lobby with a large amount of people on a hacked server and I can’t ply any other game. Is there any way you could look into this?

  • ♊️ (@LuvDemJamaicans) relatou um problema

    @Friday13thGame are the trophies 🏆 on ps4 still glitch ?? I have played damn near 1000 matches as a counselor & i have not got the trophy yet

  • Probably Triggered (@Brandon81625112) relatou um problema

    @KOBE28870593 @GunMediaSupport @Friday13thGame They're aware of the problem and they don't care. Still an issue as of 10/1/21. On the forums they stated that this problem will persist and there won't be any patches for it nor for the bugs and glitches that have been around since launch. They just gave up after stealing our 💰

  • Séraphine présidente. (@BastienPrv) relatou um problema

    So @Friday13thGame / @fearthegun will update friday the 13th ? Like the license issues seems to be fixed now

  • Vanny (@Vanny24951113) relatou um problema

    @Friday13thGame can you please fix the glitches on the switch

  • xxlace12xx (@xxlace12xx) relatou um problema

    @Friday13thGame is there a way you guys can fix the matchmaking/host I haven’t been able to complete more than two games in the past week I’ve been trying to play it due to the host leaving mid game or never finding a game.

  • JustyRx (@Drewbellz1) relatou um problema

    @GunMediaSupport @Caveira250 @Friday13thGame Can you guys please fix the game chat not working on Xbox it haven’t worked in months

  • JustyRx (@Drewbellz1) relatou um problema

    @GunMediaSupport @Caveira250 @Friday13thGame Can you guys please fix the game chat not working on Xbox

  • Lau (@SweetishFreak) relatou um problema

    @IllFonic @Friday13thGame Selfish request… however. I got a lot of enjoyment out of this game. It was so much fun to play with friends and I’m pretty broken-hearted that it’s not coming back. Any chance you could make a Friday the 14th? 🥺🙏 Please and thank you.

  • Matthewfordak47 (@Matthewfordak41) relatou um problema

    @Friday13thGame is you all need to fix this game honestly it keeps kicking people and not letting them play for the hell of it I mean I got the new console and it runs good but the game its self is *** like you all need to grow up on this court and baby crap and get your game

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