Mapa de falhas e interrupções no serviço OANDA

O mapa de interrupções a seguir mostra os últimos locais em todo o mundo onde usuários do serviço OANDA relataram estar tendo problemas e interrupções. Se você estiver tendo problemas com o serviço OANDA e sua área não estiver listada, não deixe de de enviar uma reclamação abaixo

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A OANDA fez o seu nome no mercado de câmbio oferecendo aos investidores individuais acesso a forex spot (FX spot) e contratos por diferença (CFDs) desde 1996. A OANDA aceita clientes dos EUA, Reino Unido, Singapura, Canadá e Austrália e oferece uma série de ferramentas de negociação de moedas, commodities e índices, dentre outras.

Locais mais afetados por falhas e interrupções no serviço OANDA

Nos últimos 15 dias, as reclamações sobre interrupções e problemas tiveram origem em:
Localização Reclamações
Athens, Attica 2
Sydney, NSW 2
London, England 2
Upminster, England 1
District Heights, MD 1
Nottingham, England 1
Shanghai, Shanghai Shi 1
Palatine, IL 1
Singapore, Central Singapore Community Development Council 1
Vancouver, WA 1
Brooklyn, NY 1
New York City, NY 1
Cumming, GA 1
Los Angeles, CA 1
Townsville, QLD 1
Arlington, MA 1
Toronto, ON 1
Perth, WA 1
Fort Lauderdale, FL 1
Ariana, Gouvernorat de l’Ariana 1
El Paso, TX 1
Warsaw, Województwo Mazowieckie 1
Elkridge, MD 1
Orange Park, FL 1
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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço OANDA

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:
  • Max (@M_a_x_0_r) relatou um problema

    @WonsElom They could damn well try. **** 'em. You know, Oanda actually forgave all its account holders of owing them money if it wiped out their accounts. I don't give a **** dude. I'm not gonna shy away from 7 great pairs just because of 1 black swan that's not on the table anymore

  • Sipicarasca (@Sipicarasca1) relatou um problema

    @As_TomasRoncero @Benzema Donde vas Roncero, de verdad que sois una oanda de mataos. Vaya tonterías, pa leer las ****** que ponéis no pago internet. ***** ratas sectarias

  • kirbyquite (@kirbyquite) relatou um problema


  • Pixie Trader 💙 (@EsotericPixie) relatou um problema

    @jackdlarue @OANDA When the market moves servers have issues it seems

  • Jack D LaRue (@jackdlarue) relatou um problema

    @EsotericPixie @OANDA The NY server is down.

  • Gavin M™💰 (@tradergav) relatou um problema

    looks like @oanda platform is dead at the moment. can't connect, can't login

  • Citizen Gbenga (@citizenshangout) relatou um problema

    Please I need informed answers to this matter: why is it that parallel exchange rate seem to increase everyday while official exchange rate as quoted by the likes of oanda seem to be relatively stable? Who/what is hurting the naira? @jeffphilips1 @yinkanubi @toluogunlesi pls help

  • Akin💙 (@subpeonas) relatou um problema

    @instablog9ja Apart 4rm d non-sense on let's fight, Aboki FX is a problem to d FX mkt & CBN has a point. Aboki FX just randomly provides unverifiable data knowin dat Nigerians rely on their rate. FX platforms shud b regulated & licensed. Oanda, XE re registered & regulated by their authorities

  • Fade Me if You Can (@FadeMeIfYouCan) relatou um problema

    Did $FDAX just open and rallied 90 points or is it just an #OANDA glitch?

  • Aaron Peters (@AaronPe27299540) relatou um problema

    Going short GBP/NOK makes sense this winter. Shame Oanda doesn't support the pair. EUR/NOK likely still works. Judging by the price action.

  • Johnny Chu (@jccl1988) relatou um problema

    @OANDA_Europe @OANDA Is the rates server down? Port 9500 not connectable all of a sudden. Quoted price is stuck, chart moves but execution via chart shows stuck price...

  • ꯴̸᩠.Min lvs Baji ༉‧ // UNF SPREE 📌 (@iM1NCH01) relatou um problema


  • Major FX News (@MajorFXNow) relatou um problema

    Support & Resistance (Look For Swing Points) For OANDA:EURGBP By Anbat - Todayuknews: Support & Resistance (Look For Swing Points) for OANDA:EURGBP by Anbat · When the levels are below the current price, they constitute “Support,” a potential ...

  • Fade Me if You Can (@FadeMeIfYouCan) relatou um problema

    @AdamSheen7 Prob take some time before it loads the whole thing, I think it could #Oanda issue. Trying to lag me so I can’t trade properly.

  • benjie unabia (@benjieunabia1) relatou um problema

    @OANDA @JeffatOANDA I regret why I even discovered oanda this is the most stupid broker

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