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A Arlo Technologies é uma empresa de automação residencial que fabrica câmeras sem fio e sistemas de segurança residencial. A empresa é propriedade da Netgear.

Locais mais afetados por falhas e interrupções no serviço Arlo

Nos últimos 15 dias, as reclamações sobre interrupções e problemas tiveram origem em:
Localização Reclamações
Viersen, NRW 2
Mosbach, Baden-Württemberg Region 1
Edmonton, AB 1
Schöningen, Lower Saxony 1
Ingolstadt, Bavaria 1
Weißwasser, Saxony 1
Elsterwerda, Brandenburg 1
Fairfax, VA 1
Falls Church, VA 1
Panama City, FL 1
Brisbane, QLD 1
Trier, Rheinland-Pfalz 1
Market Drayton, England 1
Ense, NRW 1
Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony 1
Landau in der Pfalz, Rheinland-Pfalz 1
Orlando, FL 1
Haßfurt, Bavaria 1
Munich, Bavaria 1
Sydney, NSW 1
Wichita Falls, TX 1
Stafford, England 1
Loveland, CO 1
Abtsgmünd, Baden-Württemberg Region 1
Parkville, MD 1
Frankfurt am Main, Hessen 1
Neustadtgödens, Lower Saxony 1
Hamburg, HH 1
Zürich, ZH 1
Windsor, ON 1
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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Arlo

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:
  • raoul (@raoul23679755) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome terrible customer service, they are not capable to arrange for a courrier to return purchased by items. It has been going on for weeks now, I must not be the first customer to return an item…

  • Morgan Greenhalgh (@msgexplores) relatou um problema

    While @ArloSmartHome makes products that work well until they fail. After 5 months my doorbell died. Then 2 weeks with the worst customer service. Then we'll send you a replacement, at your cost. I'd avoid. The singular worst customer service I've experienced.

  • raoul (@raoul23679755) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome Terrible customer service, are not capable to arrange a return and refund. Surely I am not the first customer to return an item?

  • Jamie Bishop (@j4m1eb) relatou um problema

    @VerisureUK customer service joke as usual. Got the @ArloSmartHome doorbell which was poor. Returned it, told twice that the £4.99 would not be charged but it has been. Was told I would be refunded postage which hasn't - 30min phone call, have to wait and see if they take it

  • Evan Meltzer (@emeltze) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome Been trying to reach a live help agent for a week for tech support. What is going on??????!!!

  • Steve Holstein (@Holstein) relatou um problema

    Hello, @ArloSmartHome. Did you know that if your push notification system isn't working a user can't login to their account to update their payment info? And if they don't update their info you cancel their account? I messaged you with this issue but haven't heard back.

  • Gary Hailes (@GaryHailes) relatou um problema

    @VerisureUK @ArloSmartHome Pqlease do not get involved with these. The cameras and bell have been nothing but trouble and have been off line more than on. Customer service is appalling, they clearly spent too much on a misleading TV campaign and nothing on customer service.

  • Chris Brown (@ChrisBDesign1) relatou um problema

    I’ve been attempting to get help with an issue since August but @ArloSmartHome decided to longer have a phone option and their chat bot is absolute trash. To top things off, now you have to PAY FOR A SUBSCRIPTION for support? I’m switching to Google Nest.

  • Oliver Starr (@OWStarr) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome your iOS app is buggy af. Every time you expand the view of a camera then reduce it, the whole app hangs. This has been happening since day one but it’s become an unacceptable annoyance. Please fix it!!!

  • Donna Martinez, EdD (@dcmartin336) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome Help- New camera&Account: Husband at the house set it up. I'm at different location and set up account too not realizing I needed to have his invite sent to me. How do I delete the account I started (no devices on) to accept his friend invite and set up our camera remotely?

  • Lucy Loo (@Lwsifur) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome is your app down in the UK? Keeps crashing and then won't log back in (tried on 3 different devices)

  • J-man (@Barta57) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome Just bought a new memory stick and it isn’t working. Help?

  • Phil McCracken (@RickHdz9) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome Worst customer care ever. No wonder why Ring is always recommended over any of these crappy brands. Can't see my cameras live action at 1am probably when I need them working the most.

  • 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Yorkshire:🇺🇸🇨🇱 (@sonbaetaekwondo) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome The goods are great the after sales service is quite frankly awful . Just hope no one has a problem as the customer care isn't in existence

  • ERIC (@poff34) relatou um problema

    Do not ever buy @ArloSmartHome products. They do not stand behind their product and their customer support sucks when you need help. I have asked for a manager to talk about my issues and have been told chat does not have managers that I will need to call in and wait on hold.

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