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Usuários da Arlo afetados:


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A Arlo Technologies é uma empresa de automação residencial que fabrica câmeras sem fio e sistemas de segurança residencial. A empresa é propriedade da Netgear.

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Locais mais afetados

Nos últimos 15 dias, as reclamações sobre interrupções e problemas tiveram origem em:

Localização Reclamações
Sacramento, CA 3
Anchorage, AK 2
Charlotte, NC 2
Adelaide, SA 2
Zürich, ZH 2
Munich, Bavaria 2
Berlin, Land Berlin 2
Rochefort, Nouvelle-Aquitaine 2
Hamburg, HH 2
Nürnberg, Bavaria 2
Neuwied, Rheinland-Pfalz 2
Olmstedville, NY 1
San Francisco, CA 1
Quevedo, Provincia de Los Ríos 1
Fuenlabrada, Comunidad de Madrid 1
Neu-Anspach, Hessen 1
Wigan, England 1
Hyderabad, TG 1
Norwalk, CT 1
Hannover, Lower Saxony 1
Melbourne, VIC 1
Ambert, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 1
Columbia, MD 1
Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 1
Maryland Heights, MO 1
Olching, Bavaria 1
Great Yarmouth, England 1
Regensburg, Bavaria 1
New Delhi, NCT 1
Lyss, BE 1

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Arlo

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:

  • BaboonBill Baboon Bill (@BaboonBill) relatou um problema

    I'm not sure why I am seeing all these ads for #arlo products when they do NOT work correctly. Instead of an ad campaign maybe a top notch coding team that can fix your mess of a non existing security system that does NOT work. @ArloSmartHome

  • NFTzzles NFTzzle (@NFTzzles) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome the Arlo nest is the worst product I have ever came across. Unreliable and absolutely garbage

  • GestionV Faith (@GestionV) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome Arlo….. worst customer service I experienced. More a toy than a tool! Arlo doesn’t function if temperatures are too low… we don’t all live in California and this should not be sold North . Bought them, we have to live with them until feed up & throw them in the garbage 🤬

  • KnitGnosis KnitGnosis (@KnitGnosis) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome is pretty terrible and their support sucks. Spent the past hour trying to get support just to be told it requires a subscription then to have 3 agents just leave me on read and leave the online chat.

  • DougRioux Doug Rioux (@DougRioux) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome customer service is the WORST! I’ve wasted hours trying to get my smart notification issues fixed. Broken promise after broken promises by your support people. Today I’m filling a complaint with the Better Business Bureau! Buyers Beware, don’t buy Arlo products!

  • Eliks Eliks (@Eliks) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome Fantastic quality, only when they work!!! But it is ok, just to drop connection, go offline any time without any reason. Stop charging, just because ... I DONT EVEN ******* KNOW WHY????

  • Fanboy08  Austin (@Fanboy08) relatou um problema

    If @ArloSmartHome could develop a camera algorithm that tracked a subject from one view cam1 to cam2 and show the subject transition from one cam to the next cam if the cameras had overlap it would help them sell more cameras and increase the density of sold cams per house.

  • cashway34 Cashway (@cashway34) relatou um problema

    @ambergizzi @ArloSmartHome Yes that is precisely what I wanted and what I will be purchasing myself. @ArloSmartHome was a terrible decision by ryan and I will continue tweeting them to let them know.

  • MarianneDuarte Marianne Duarte (@MarianneDuarte) relatou um problema

    @ConsumerReports After a week of talks @ArloSmartHome has no idea how to fix the problem. I'm telling you... don't trust @ArloSupportUS

  • operasingerBB American Consumer (@operasingerBB) relatou um problema

    @FTC @netflix @ArloSmartHome Both of these companies increased rates by 7.5%! WTF! THIS is causing inflation for no justifiable reason. Plus, we aren't notified about increases. WHY IS THIS ALLOWED?

  • RealArticulated O-POSITIVE (@RealArticulated) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome Pro 2 camera fail after 6 months/. No replacement battery orderable on your site. Looks like you are sunsetting to price gouge. Worst of all - Support is a useless BOT - no phone number. Arlo will go to recycling. People are not stupid.

  • l3oaussie l3oaussie (@l3oaussie) relatou um problema

    @cjviscito @ArloSmartHome Same here. Good hardware but bad software.

  • TwoScamSam Sammy Springfield (@TwoScamSam) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome worst company ever! I’ve never encountered this much lack of support from a company

  • MarianneDuarte Marianne Duarte (@MarianneDuarte) relatou um problema

    😠 @ArloSmartHome sucks. I've been communicating with @ArloSupportUS for two days now after I stopped receiving push notifications on my iPhone. I have followed all and every step suggested but the issue remains unresolved

  • NotAppropriate2 Do The Right Thing (@NotAppropriate2) relatou um problema

    @ArloSmartHome Arlo Go 2 is not ready for prime time. The battery drains super fast. The only charging option - magnetic charging cable - is super SLOW. And it looks as if you don't even sell replacement batteries yet?

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