Mapa de falhas e interrupções no serviço Bitstamp

O mapa de interrupções a seguir mostra os últimos locais em todo o mundo onde usuários do serviço Bitstamp relataram estar tendo problemas e interrupções. Se você estiver tendo problemas com o serviço Bitstamp e sua área não estiver listada, não deixe de de enviar uma reclamação abaixo

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A Bitstamp é uma plataforma de negociação de Bitcoin com sede em Luxemburgo. Ela permite a negociação entre dólares americanos (USD) e a criptomoeda bitcoin. É possível realizar depósitos e retiradas em USD, EUR, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum ou Ripple.

Locais mais afetados por falhas e interrupções no serviço Bitstamp

Nos últimos 15 dias, as reclamações sobre interrupções e problemas tiveram origem em:
Localização Reclamações
Frankfurt am Main, Hessen 1
Cairo, Cairo Governorate 1
Bracknell, England 1
Wekiwa Springs, FL 1
Fürth, Bavaria 1
Madurai, TN 1
Brest, Bretagne 1
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Bitstamp comentários

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Bitstamp

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:
  • Msa20ml (@MsaHoldings) relatou um problema

    @adizjapalmer @Bitstamp @SkaleNetwork why? whats the issue?

  • XRPaladin (@XrPaladin) relatou um problema

    Is anyone taking legal action against #Bitstamp @Bitstamp on the no #SGB #FLR distribution, despite claiming support months prior? $XRP

  • Don Cryptonaire (@CryptonaireDon) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp Scumbags still owe me upwards of 500$ what's this year and a half now. I had no issues It up to cashing out. Paid half and ****** me out the other half

  • AH73 (@AHK1352) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp @SkaleNetwork Yes, if your admin let us deposit! They block the account 2 years after KYC!!

  • David Jones (@BastanSepehr) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp @RariCapital plz solve the order matching problem of the RGT

  • Wadzy Matt (@Diamondhands34) relatou um problema

    What other group out there has had to wait so so long for what is rightfully there's other than the $xrp army. **** is getting old. List it and move on. These companies need to grow a pair. @coinbase @uphold @Bitstamp and anyone else ...

  • Jack O'Lantern (@QuadJacksCSC) relatou um problema

    @XRP_CryptoBeast @mass_adoption @Bitstamp Current schedule is wacky. Every time I go to a networking event like this you can effectively double the time spent there as time lost from a marketing standpoint. Funny enough, one of our new partnerships will help solve this.

  • komolafe Taiwo (@TaiwoKomolafe4) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp Pls I have small issue with my account am unable to verify. Since two weeks now still on verifying,help me out.

  • jiggy$kishu🌍 (@Idrisgana6) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp Sell your shib as you have the chance now It will dumb hard $shiba #shiba $btc #btc Shiba is 26billion market cap and that is enough for **** coin Do nit think it will hit 1$ it can never be possible

  • Orlando (@WellWellOrlando) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp faster payments working like a dream for fiat > crypto. Took about 3 mins to appear in my account 🔥

  • Cambrian💥Explosion (@CambrianXRP) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp @Fetch_ai Where on earth is the customer service?? These kinds of issues cannot go ignored without serious consequences moving forward. Reputation counts for something in business!! Sort it out Please!! $SGB

  • Brandon bishop (@Brbishop12) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp please you terminate my account why you still hold my money after I can’t login into the account and you not given me back my money please give me back my money

  • Rok Kofol (@Rok_Kofol) relatou um problema

    @FlareNetworks @Bitstamp maybe you could help grow that number if you distribute #SGB

  • Healthy Living (@OsumaBlessing) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp @Fetch_ai Pls can you let us know if you support $ExFi or just give me my $SGB let me move it to wallet that support it. Thanks 🙏🏾 much appreciated

  • (@cwis888) relatou um problema

    Found my login to my bitstamp account from 2017 👀

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