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A Bitstamp é uma plataforma de negociação de Bitcoin com sede em Luxemburgo. Ela permite a negociação entre dólares americanos (USD) e a criptomoeda bitcoin. É possível realizar depósitos e retiradas em USD, EUR, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum ou Ripple.

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Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço Bitstamp 10/28/2021 06:50

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Mapa de falhas e interrupções no serviço Bitstamp

As últimas reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas vieram de:

GermanyFrankfurt am Main Aplicativo móvel
EgyptCairo Website
IndiaMadurai Aplicativo móvel
FranceBrest Login
United KingdomCroydon Transações
GermanyHürth Login

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Bitstamp

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:
  • MsaHoldings Msa20ml (@MsaHoldings) relatou um problema

    @adizjapalmer @Bitstamp @SkaleNetwork why? whats the issue?

  • XrPaladin XRPaladin (@XrPaladin) relatou um problema

    Is anyone taking legal action against #Bitstamp @Bitstamp on the no #SGB #FLR distribution, despite claiming support months prior? $XRP

  • CryptonaireDon Don Cryptonaire (@CryptonaireDon) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp Scumbags still owe me upwards of 500$ what's this year and a half now. I had no issues It up to cashing out. Paid half and ****** me out the other half

  • AHK1352 AH73 (@AHK1352) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp @SkaleNetwork Yes, if your admin let us deposit! They block the account 2 years after KYC!!

  • BastanSepehr David Jones (@BastanSepehr) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp @RariCapital plz solve the order matching problem of the RGT

  • Diamondhands34 Wadzy Matt (@Diamondhands34) relatou um problema

    What other group out there has had to wait so so long for what is rightfully there's other than the $xrp army. **** is getting old. List it and move on. These companies need to grow a pair. @coinbase @uphold @Bitstamp and anyone else ...

  • QuadJacksCSC Jack O'Lantern (@QuadJacksCSC) relatou um problema

    @XRP_CryptoBeast @mass_adoption @Bitstamp Current schedule is wacky. Every time I go to a networking event like this you can effectively double the time spent there as time lost from a marketing standpoint. Funny enough, one of our new partnerships will help solve this.

  • TaiwoKomolafe4 komolafe Taiwo (@TaiwoKomolafe4) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp Pls I have small issue with my account am unable to verify. Since two weeks now still on verifying,help me out.

  • Idrisgana6 jiggy$kishu🌍 (@Idrisgana6) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp Sell your shib as you have the chance now It will dumb hard $shiba #shiba $btc #btc Shiba is 26billion market cap and that is enough for **** coin Do nit think it will hit 1$ it can never be possible

  • WellWellOrlando Orlando (@WellWellOrlando) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp faster payments working like a dream for fiat > crypto. Took about 3 mins to appear in my account 🔥

  • CambrianXRP Cambrian💥Explosion (@CambrianXRP) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp @Fetch_ai Where on earth is the customer service?? These kinds of issues cannot go ignored without serious consequences moving forward. Reputation counts for something in business!! Sort it out Please!! $SGB

  • Brbishop12 Brandon bishop (@Brbishop12) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp please you terminate my account why you still hold my money after I can’t login into the account and you not given me back my money please give me back my money

  • Rok_Kofol Rok Kofol (@Rok_Kofol) relatou um problema

    @FlareNetworks @Bitstamp maybe you could help grow that number if you distribute #SGB

  • OsumaBlessing Healthy Living (@OsumaBlessing) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp @Fetch_ai Pls can you let us know if you support $ExFi or just give me my $SGB let me move it to wallet that support it. Thanks 🙏🏾 much appreciated

  • cwis888 (@cwis888) relatou um problema

    Found my login to my bitstamp account from 2017 👀

  • DedaKorenar Děda Kořenář (@DedaKorenar) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp @Fetch_ai I really dont understand why you announce support for airdrop and then you don't distribute the tokens more than a month after airdrop. Big dissappointment considering you have other technical stuff top notch.

  • xrpbhoy Hound of Ulster (@xrpbhoy) relatou um problema

    @BTCMarkets Another exchange beats @bitstamp in customer service…

  • JPDiazCastillo JP (@JPDiazCastillo) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp Would you at least have the customer-orientation to provide an update and respond to our question?

  • Jamesalfredo07 James alfredo (@Jamesalfredo07) relatou um problema

    @klopptilludrop @Bitstamp Quit buying other coins and stick investing on BITCOIN or ETHEREUM .. quite better way to earn profits no farm server required, you can earn up to 1 BITCOIN or at least $10,000 per mining.. Confused and interested Send a Direct message I can spare some time to put your through

  • the_valla TheRealVALLA (@the_valla) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp Start working on SGB ok mate

  • Kashta9 Kashta Tariq (Jay) (@Kashta9) relatou um problema

    @Cryptiktok589 @LeoHadjiloizou Not true I have used the XRPL DEX a long time. Yes it uses Gateways for USDT or BTC but there are trusted Gateways like BITSTAMP you can use for on or off ramps. The biggest issue is getting deeper liquidity there.

  • Only01KA K-Bear (@Only01KA) relatou um problema

    @BTCMarkets Do you hear @Bitstamp @BitstampSupport . All these exchanges who announced support for SGB later than you are going to distribute soon. What about you?

  • notbatokikic notbatokikic (@notbatokikic) relatou um problema

    @stedas @Bitstamp slowly but surely getting on my nerves. Where ******** is my SGB?! Do something!

  • BallzDeepXRP MattyXRP (@BallzDeepXRP) relatou um problema

    @stedas 5m #sgb STILL not delegated by @Bitstamp @BitstampSupport . No update from them despite repeated requests. Really poor customer focus.

  • Satistruth Sat is truth🕉️ ⚡☣️⚠️🪕 (@Satistruth) relatou um problema

    @AlTheKingBundy1 @JanWues @Bitstamp Wtf is crypto. I only buy bitcoin

  • JohnDooooooooo JoAz⚡️ (@JohnDooooooooo) relatou um problema

    @BONTESA_ @binance I just made a XRP transfer from Binance to Bitstamp Bitstamp is working good in Europe

  • James95976657 James (@James95976657) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp how come customer support tells us to follow your tweets, when you f@krs ain't even tweeting any updates regarding our #SGB

  • Jallejalle49 Jakob Larsson (@Jallejalle49) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp @RariCapital @Fetch_ai #SGB and #ExFi airdrop please. We know you support the SGB, however please confirm the support of ExFi too. $SGB $ExFi

  • 1greencandle onegreencandle (@1greencandle) relatou um problema

    For the next few months I spent a few hours arranging wire transfers to the money xfer service, then wiring those funds to Bitfinex or Bitstamp and sometimes other Exchanges. They would normally process the funds within 7 days, other times it would take 2 weeks to process.

  • XrPaladin XRPaladin (@XrPaladin) relatou um problema

    @Bitstamp @RariCapital @Fetch_ai What about $SGB? Stop holding our **** back