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A CMC Markets é uma empresa sediada no Reino Unido que oferece negociação online de ações, apostas em spread, contratos por diferença (CFDs) e câmbio estrangeiro nos mercados mundiais. A CMC tem sede em Londres e sucursais em Sydney e Cingapura. Ela está listada na Bolsa de Valores de Londres.

Problemas nas últimas 24 horas

O gráfico a seguir mostra o número de reclamações sobre falha no serviço CMC Markets que recebemos por hora do dia nas últimas 24 horas. Consideramos que há uma interrupção quando o número de reclamações é maior do que a linha de base, representada pela linha vermelha.

Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço CMC Markets 12/09/2023 10:45

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Problemas mais relatados

A seguir estão os problemas mais recentes relatados pelos usuários da CMC Markets em nosso site.

  1. Login (41%)

    Login (41%)

  2. Plataforma de Negociação (38%)

    Plataforma de Negociação (38%)

  3. Website (22%)

    Website (22%)

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City Problem Type Report Time
OmanMuscat Plataforma de Negociação
AustraliaSydney Login
AustraliaAdelaide Plataforma de Negociação
AustraliaSydney Website
AustraliaSydney Plataforma de Negociação
AustraliaMelbourne Plataforma de Negociação
Map Mapa de Falhas e Interrupções Completo

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço CMC Markets

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:

  • USA_GreatAgain Josh (@USA_GreatAgain) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets Please hurry up and fix your website. I have stock to sell.

  • ruzamada ruzamada (@ruzamada) relatou um problema de Westfield, State of Western Australia

    @CMCMarkets unable to log in to the app, any advice? Is this related to the internet banking system issues experienced across Australia?

  • Gekko_Pap Gekko Pap (@Gekko_Pap) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets @OptoCMC Sure, once they knock it down to like 425 by Friday! (I have puts). $adbe

  • gazzawins Gazza 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@gazzawins) relatou um problema

    @kwchylinski @CMCMarkets Concur, wtf has pride got to do with trading ?!? Used to use cmc, and deff would not again now.

  • amanda57a amanda sweeney (@amanda57a) relatou um problema

    Anyone using @CMCMarkets be very careful money has gone missing when I have made withdrawal last 48 hours.. and other refused.. no attempt to contact me and explain. Taken 2calls for a "we have issue with card company" reason and still money not accounted for...

  • Grntxt1 Gn-etic (@Grntxt1) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets Ohhh the same robinhood that are slow as **** in registration so can't even open my account right now....

  • amanda57a amanda sweeney (@amanda57a) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets platform is down and no answer on phones!!!!

  • Rickpilk Rick Pilkington (@Rickpilk) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets Many US stocks not showing live prices in Australia. Many U.S stocks not loading, cant trade them. Please fix

  • Simranke01 Simi Singh (@Simranke01) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets is iPhone app down? Unable to login got messages connecting

  • m1kewh1te83 mike white (@m1kewh1te83) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets @OptoCMC Hi I need abit of help, I have a live spread bet account but can I have a live cfd account also using the same login? If so how do i do it? Because each time it's coming up as a demo account

  • depechedmodem John (@depechedmodem) relatou um problema

    @mhewson_CMC @CMCMarkets It's about time! But the 'Flaccid 100' needs a jab/shot in the arm. If only the overvalued #GBP would plunge c10% it would help? Ah well, Rishi's £ will hit the skids eventually. In other news; nice to see ECK/AVG/GFM/IDOX/RWI on the up (All back of the sock drawer stuff ;-))

  • hello_rez Rez@ (@hello_rez) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets all platforms down?

  • topbangerQQQ B787 (@topbangerQQQ) relatou um problema

    @1nvestorscentre @CMCMarkets **** platform this is the last straw for me moving over to IG to many issues

  • TraderDivergent The Divergent Trader (@TraderDivergent) relatou um problema

    @Themast29295636 @CMCMarkets Yeah no problems, glad I can help stop others from losing money too!

  • RainmakerRups RainMaker Rups ₿ (@RainmakerRups) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets If 73% of retail lose, this sounds like a bad bet!

  • Omar12346459 Omar Corona (@Omar12346459) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets Are you serious there's no cancel or amend option online if you make a mistake while placing an order? I just lost money in the most stupid way today. I added a wrong number but I noticed right away. I wanted to amend it just to find out there's no option online...

  • RainmakerRups RainMaker Rups ₿ (@RainmakerRups) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets Those odds sound terrible for retail investors

  • Qamar12Hussain Qamar Hussain (@Qamar12Hussain) relatou um problema

    @MacciesShank3AM @CMCMarkets @TheFCA and i suppose with that indoctrination you also believe that the illusion of a thing called credit is issued by divine authority & not by tyrannical mediums of exchange? You are in need of serious help my friend, get an education from the right source, you are being played.

  • amanda57a amanda sweeney (@amanda57a) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets issues with your site again.. why am I being logged out literally everytime I leave page even a few seconds to open/check a different browser?

  • Qamar12Hussain Qamar Hussain (@Qamar12Hussain) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets i use this platform & it really could do with more simplification, better matrix output in terms of trader performance & greater drilling down of performance on various currency pairs oh, & can you look at your holding charges, surely they can be reduced for loyal platform users?

  • BennyBogtrotter Ben (@BennyBogtrotter) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets I’ll save you the trouble. Everything you need to know about Robinhood: stay away.

  • FinancialGamblR Financial GamblR (@FinancialGamblR) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets @CMCMarkets_CA site down :(

  • Qamar12Hussain Qamar Hussain (@Qamar12Hussain) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets @RRGresearch Will you please remove your predatory overnight holding charges? You're only holding digits on a screen, you don't need acro's or any heavy lifting machinery to support anything, do you? @TheFCA #ForexMarket #AbolishPredatoryCharges

  • f6oekqu Paul G (@f6oekqu) relatou um problema

    All of a sudden @CMCMarkets @CMCMarketsAusNZ went down, in the middle of trading hours.

  • Eddieywhui Eddie Hui (@Eddieywhui) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets Unable to login

  • Mrpeace91 Mr Sheikh (@Mrpeace91) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets Please SHORT ******** OUT OF THIS

  • kjetiltroan Kjetil Trøan (@kjetiltroan) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets Fix your server

  • RainmakerRups RainMaker Rups ₿ (@RainmakerRups) relatou um problema

    @_efcluke @CMCMarkets The odds still look awful.

  • Sanjeev_Varma Sanjeev Varma (@Sanjeev_Varma) relatou um problema

    @amanda57a @CMCMarkets I’ve had issues with them in the past and don’t use them anymore

  • Superettey David (@Superettey) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets @RRGresearch You are an unethical company. Your business model is to make money off gamblers and people with real addiction issues. CMC doesnt place a clients trade in a real mkt position, they are effectively a casino, and trade against their clients. I have evidence of your practices.