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A CMC Markets é uma empresa sediada no Reino Unido que oferece negociação online de ações, apostas em spread, contratos por diferença (CFDs) e câmbio estrangeiro nos mercados mundiais. A CMC tem sede em Londres e sucursais em Sydney e Cingapura. Ela está listada na Bolsa de Valores de Londres.

Problemas nas últimas 24 horas

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Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço CMC Markets 05/27/2024 00:10

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Problemas mais relatados

A seguir estão os problemas mais recentes relatados pelos usuários da CMC Markets em nosso site.

  1. Login (57%)

    Login (57%)

  2. Plataforma de Negociação (29%)

    Plataforma de Negociação (29%)

  3. Website (14%)

    Website (14%)

Mapa ao vivo de interrupções

As últimas reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas vieram de

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City Problem Type Report Time
AustraliaSalisbury Website
GermanyMünster Login
GermanyWittenberge Login
FrancePerpignan Login
United KingdomBermondsey Plataforma de Negociação
CanadaBarrie Plataforma de Negociação
Map Mapa de Falhas e Interrupções Completo

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço CMC Markets

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:

  • EricxGill Eric G (@EricxGill) relatou um problema

    CMC markets website and app has been down for a while. Can we get a status update please? @CMCMarkets

  • ShareInfoDude Share Dude (@ShareInfoDude) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets has been down for over an hour, even their website not live

  • depechedmodem John (@depechedmodem) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets @mhewson_CMC As ever MH, the whole thing is a complete farce. Rishi/Bozo to issue yet more free money? GBP soaring? IR rise? Don't make me larf. The UK wud go kaput if IR's rose above 1% - which is why they wont - ever! Same kinda goes in the US @mattmiller1973 but 2% is their target? ;-)

  • lawrencemcnally lawrence mcnally (@lawrencemcnally) relatou um problema

    @mhewson_CMC @CMCMarkets Not had a bad week after Monday

  • Jockysink79 Jocky (@Jockysink79) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets still down

  • Jamesen_jim Jameson (@Jamesen_jim) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets I was a newbie to all of it. I wanted to know more about cryptocurrency, stock market investment and @WealthwithMaryB was right there to help. Now, I am making profit from my investments. Thanks to her.

  • Simranke01 Simi Singh (@Simranke01) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets connection problem

  • benjieunabia1 benjie unabia (@benjieunabia1) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets I hope the issue will be resolved immediately

  • Joshua15652470 joshua (@Joshua15652470) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets Rejected by trendline from ATH + SFP Double bear *** on 12h + multiple on LTs 50k is next support. As everybody is waiting that area I expect either bottom around 48k I’ve been following & taking @2dcoin tweets and every single tips seriously I’ve been doing superb

  • meistNachtaktiv Dorfkind ungeimpft, ungetestet, Systemrelevant🇳🇴 (@meistNachtaktiv) relatou um problema

    @ruzamada @CMCMarkets Same in Germany. I read somthing about system problems at Interactiv Brokers.

  • DavidCheetham3 David Cheetham, CFA (@DavidCheetham3) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets What's happened to your client support?? I've been trying to contact someone for an hour with no reply. V poor and disappointing!! #fx #Broker

  • mhewson_CMC Michael Hewson 🇬🇧 (@mhewson_CMC) relatou um problema

    @J4M1EH88 @CMCMarkets not seeing any problems my side - please drop me an image of what you're seeing by way of DM.

  • DrDupsky Dr. Dupsky (@DrDupsky) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets I opened up an demo account for testing. Now i get called several times a week by colleagues of you who tell me stuff about "Crypto Bullrun". This is annoying as **** and therefore i would never open up a real account.

  • Ronniemarkets Ronnie (@Ronniemarkets) relatou um problema

    Just got through to @CMCMarkets spoke to someone in Australia who was apologetic and polite, the platform is indeed down and has been for over an hour. Hopefully will be up and running in approximately 15 minutes. #CMC

  • MaxDieringer max|amir (@MaxDieringer) relatou um problema

    Hey @CMCMarkets, would appreciate an integration of @Capitalise_ai? Any way to support them? #Illbeback

  • forexflowlive ForexFlow (@forexflowlive) relatou um problema

    @mhewson_CMC @CMCMarkets Just looking at retails and maybe exp's are on the low side at 0.4%, what with pretty much every petrol forecourt in the country selling out 3 times over before it settled down?

  • twice_never never-fleeced-twice (@twice_never) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets @RRGresearch 73% of CFD go bad? Then the laws of common sense indicate to stay away from these as it shows better than 50% chance of going backwards.😳

  • andrelondonuk Risk On (@andrelondonuk) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets your platform is down!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gmsimson GMS (@gmsimson) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets I am considering closing my account due to the Apple geo location restrictions. Surely there is a way around this for those who travel. Don’t want to use web log in. Please fix it.

  • forexpipx Ja 🇦🇺 🇪🇸 (@forexpipx) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets i take it the investigation is ongoing? My issues are still not resolved. Not so bad though can log on mobile just not desktop

  • SamuelJJack2 Lord Samuel J Jack II (@SamuelJJack2) relatou um problema

    @foreverblue901 @lordclifton2 @CMCMarkets Short in selling. Speculating price is going down. Long is buying. Speculating price is going up. Then in options trading a short is called a PUT and a long is called a CALL.

  • Clarioncall18mi The. People U.K (@Clarioncall18mi) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets @RRGresearch Don’t bother they have incredibly bad customer service system errors covered up - highly likely to lose your investments with CMC strongly advise invest elsewhere !

  • TheGecko_2 • T H E🦎 G E C K O • 2 (@TheGecko_2) relatou um problema

    @FknGrimm @CMCMarkets Yeah it’s just when they ignore people I get pissed. If we all retweet Hs tweet they miraculously start dealing with it due to the bad publicity. Go figure.

  • chaachcrip AHC (@chaachcrip) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets please make a statement, it’s confusing us #SHIBARMY to look at the supply and cause a lot of hurt to see the marker down so far.

  • davidmiranda11 David Miranda (@davidmiranda11) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets spread betting platform currently down?

  • TP3Strat TP3 Capital (@TP3Strat) relatou um problema

    Anyone else loose @CMCMarkets platform. Down on all devices for me. Not good

  • DeepValueInv DeepValueInvestments (@DeepValueInv) relatou um problema

    Just found out @CMCMarkets offer spreadbets on Gazprom shares. Might help IG index refugees cut their CGT.

  • jkaonline John Ashcroft (@jkaonline) relatou um problema

    Chinese technology stocks rose in Hong Kong as bargain hunters swept in after the sector’s worst sell-off in months, reports Bloomberg. The Hang Seng Tech Index climbed 4.5%, the biggest jump since July, following a near 11% slump last week @CMCMarkets

  • mhewson_CMC Michael Hewson 🇬🇧 (@mhewson_CMC) relatou um problema

    @Moonshine452 @CMCMarkets they are continuing to decline albeit at a slower rate, while today's rise in claims probably won't be sustained - we've seen these little pops higher before they slip back down again

  • Adam_Crypto_ Adam_Bsc (@Adam_Crypto_) relatou um problema

    @CMCMarkets #Rocket boys — I can’t believe they are actually giving away a lambo ? 😮😮 amazing tokenomics (rewards in busd for holding) and offering a launch pad to eradicate all the scams that have plagued the bsc network!! How can you miss out on this gem 💎 launching tomorrow 8pm BST