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Garmin Connect é uma plataforma de atividade de saúde e fitness para usuários de rastreadores Garmin, como smartwatches, monitores de frequência cardíaca e dispositivos GPS. O aplicativo Garmin Connect está disponível nas lojas Google e Apple.

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Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço Garmin Connect 01/28/2022 20:05

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  • Falha de aplicativo 14.29% Falha de aplicativo
  • Login 12.90% Login

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FranceOrange Recursos Online
ItalyBologna Site desativado
ItalyLegnano Falha de aplicativo

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Garmin Connect

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  • MeToddScott Todd Scott (@MeToddScott) relatou um problema

    hey @Garmin @GarminFitness my vivomove hr I bought 8 months ago isn't charging. it has been a problem for the last couple of months and used the suggested cleaning of the connections. it worked for a while but now I can't get it to charge at all over the last month

  • arcanelove Justin Walker (@arcanelove) relatou um problema

    I’m not sure how @GarminFitness watches calculate the number of floors climbed. I’ve run up and down my stairs at home 50 times this afternoon and after syncing my Fēnix 5 (again) with the iOS Connect app it reports a woeful 2 floors climbed. Baffled!

  • HeriLuna Cachetoncito (@HeriLuna) relatou um problema

    @Garmin @GarminFitness I have a problem with my Garmin Index.. no matter where is it, always show weight.. around 4 or 5 pounds.. when I got on it, of course the measures are wrong.. I already change batteries, reset all settings.. nothing, what can I do? Help!

  • manuelmarque Manuel Marques (@manuelmarque) relatou um problema

    Interesting to know if @GarminFitness watches take into consideration the weather when estimating VO2max from running/cycling activities... had my VO2max estimate dropped down earlier as 2nd half of my run had a slight headwind, and naturally HR went up as I maintained the pace!

  • SizaDube1 Siza Dube (@SizaDube1) relatou um problema

    Can someone using a #garminwatch #garminconnect help me understand how calories in and out work please. @Garmin @GarminFitness 🤔

  • CamziWamzi Undisputed Queen Omega (@CamziWamzi) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness And resetting the watch has not stopped the error from happening again.

  • CamziWamzi Undisputed Queen Omega (@CamziWamzi) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness It happens randomly. The error message is "Media Error Occurred". I've already reset the watch ...twice and each time, the run during which the error occurred, was erased from the watch.

  • sheriffof0 sheriffof0 (@sheriffof0) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Sending my Second Vivomove 3 back to Amazon, this time for a refund. The analogue watch does not reflect the correct time! Even selecting manual doesn't move the dial. My first thought when I saw the hands moving each time the watch was raised was .... Problem!

  • joaquimrosa joaquim  (@joaquimrosa) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Garmin Connect goes down again! We are ridiculous. #fail #garmin @garmin

  • joaquimrosa joaquim  (@joaquimrosa) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Garmin Connect goes down again! We are ridiculous. #fail @garmin

  • joaquimrosa joaquim  (@joaquimrosa) relatou um problema

    @Garmin Garmin Connect gets down again! We are ridiculous. #fail @GarminFitness

  • joaquimrosa joaquim  (@joaquimrosa) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Garmin Connect goes down again! We are ridiculous. #fail

  • JTScatCat Joseph Thomas (@JTScatCat) relatou um problema

    @markbacigalupo @fitbit @GarminFitness Nope. I'm an Apple person. I've thought about just breaking down and doing the Apple watch, but I can't bring myself to part with my regular watches. It's a real-life dilemma over here.

  • jainjayesh Jayesh Jain (@jainjayesh) relatou um problema

    @AbhinavAgarwal @GarminFitness Facing the similar problem. Grossly disappointed with the product.

  • CamziWamzi Undisputed Queen Omega (@CamziWamzi) relatou um problema

    @Garmin @GarminFitness this is the second run I have recorded with my Vivoactive 3 Music where a media error has occurred causing the watching to freeze and the run to not sync with the Garmin Connect app.

  • SteedsJames James steeds (@SteedsJames) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Thanks, This is poor functionality. Please record this need as a feature request for possible future implementation.

  • GetUptime Jim (@GetUptime) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness When I try to login to garmin connect online, all of my information isn't there! I see all the info on the mobile app, and all my data passes through to Strava ok, but for some reason I can't see any data online. What am I doing wrong? :-(

  • steve_eifert steve eifert (@steve_eifert) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness dog ate my garmin smart watch. Apparently she wanted more steps. Any help for me other than more dog training?

  • The_Jaret JLG (@The_Jaret) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness I like the Venu, my problem is the HRM feature seems useless during a workout. I doesn’t seem to respond to changes in HR like a HR strap.

  • robertjforrest Bob Forrest (God/man) (@robertjforrest) relatou um problema de Lincoln, Nebraska

    Forgot the watch: @GarminFitness Fenix5X ... which I have to confess is TERRIBLE at tracking HR during a workout

  • heyitshonore Honore Patty (@heyitshonore) relatou um problema

    @scurrilous_j @GarminFitness On mine, if I scroll to Training Status, hit start/stop, then use the down button twice (past VO2 status), it tells me how many I have left.

  • mickgrant26 Michael Grant (@mickgrant26) relatou um problema

    Adding @Garmin and @GarminFitness to see if I can get an answer. No replies to emails and I cannot get through to @GarminUK on their contact number. Very poor customer service from a company I have used for years!

  • lshaw88 Lou ♥ (@lshaw88) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Hi is Garmin connect down? My activity isn't uploading & seems to have vanished? Other than the steps which have transferred across from the walk?

  • reidconti Reid Conti (@reidconti) relatou um problema

    I'm pretty sure the worst part of taking an FTP test is trying to remember how ******** to change your FTP settings in @Garmin Connect @GarminFitness Only took 15 minutes this time!

  • lulupakula LuluPakula (@lulupakula) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness please help, my garmin forerunner 45 synced perfectly with Connect app on iphone until yesterday morning. Now cannot get it to sync. Have tried switching both off, forget device and then pair. Even deleted Connect App and reinstalled it.

  • ElaineRom Elaine Romanelli (@ElaineRom) relatou um problema

    Hey @GarminFitness, your watches suck. Not 4 the 1st time, I have run up and down stairs, trying to get it to notice. Usually it’s one or two extra flights. But 2nite was the kicker: up & down 10 flights, got credit for *one*. Screw you. New year, new fitness tracker.

  • AADoby Aaron (@AADoby) relatou um problema

    So @Garmin @GarminFitness you are telling me after all these years, you don’t have an intern that can convert the training plans so swims show up on the calendar? Abs there for in the app? Really? PLEASE FIX THIS, how many tri ppl use your gear? #Triathlon #ironman #SWIMbikerun

  • MurrysWorld Murry Anne (@MurrysWorld) relatou um problema

    Hi @GarminFitness and @Garmin, I bought a smartwatch last spring and it’s not working properly. I visited the website and the support page wasn’t very helpful for this situation. I’d appreciate it if you could reach out to me.

  • Traindriver9 Ryan Zeck (@Traindriver9) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness I will never buy a Garmin watch again. I also promise to make sure everybody else I know won't buy one either. Poor customer support and terrible hardware and software.

  • etrino Christopher Murray (@etrino) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Jeremy in Garmin Support found this; “The Edge 1000 is not compatible with Physio True Up and activities will not show on the Training Status/Training Load page.” He also said he knows of no plans to update the firmware to fix the compatibility problem.