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Garmin Connect é uma plataforma de atividade de saúde e fitness para usuários de rastreadores Garmin, como smartwatches, monitores de frequência cardíaca e dispositivos GPS. O aplicativo Garmin Connect está disponível nas lojas Google e Apple.

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Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço Garmin Connect 10/17/2021 01:50

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ColombiaPereira Falha do dispositivo
SwitzerlandMarly Login
United StatesCumming Falha do dispositivo
SpainBarcelona Login
SpainIrun Login
CanadaRichmond Login

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Garmin Connect

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:
  • DBroadribb Dave Broadribb (@DBroadribb) relatou um problema

    @Mirindacarfrae @itskennywithrow @GarminFitness Always swim with mine although some models are terrible for GPS tracking in open water.

  • yayitaflorez Johanna Flórez (@yayitaflorez) relatou um problema

    @Garmin @GarminFitness worst service! Delivery

  • AliceJBgt Alice Bourgeoisat (@AliceJBgt) relatou um problema

    @dragonending @GarminFitness thanks for the report. I have had the same problem since this morning. (France)

  • rkmazer Rafe Mazer (@rkmazer) relatou um problema

    @bikeshopgirlcom @GarminFitness I have had one of my worst product experiences with this watch. Bought b/c links to Spotify, and it fails to download podcasts at least half the time. Have had to get watch replaced, and endure hours of customer care over and over. Sadly I think won't ever do Garmin again

  • dragonending cat pro (@dragonending) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Garmin connect is down for the S2 scale. Weight data is not uploaded. I see some other Twitter users report this as well.

  • digitalnervoso 21sт ᴄᴇɴᴛᴜʀʏ ᴅɪɢɪᴛᴀʟ ᴠᴏɪᴅ (@digitalnervoso) relatou um problema

    @RyanAmirault @bikeshopgirlcom @GarminFitness I hear so much about people having trouble with Garmin software, I guess I've just been fortunate to not have any issues. This is my second Garmin watch, and I also have a Garmin Edge 530 cycling computer, no notable issues apart from the occasional delay with sync.

  • DeltaSegmentFly Delta Segment Flyer (@DeltaSegmentFly) relatou um problema

    @turnbullben @GarminFitness @Strava Yeah Strava not working for me

  • ollybuxton Olly Buxton (@ollybuxton) relatou um problema

    Is @StravaSupport @Strava down? Can’t upload my ride from my @GarminFitness

  • Quiggers_03 Alan Quigley (@Quiggers_03) relatou um problema

    @TerriQuigley84 @GarminFitness You really are an expert in putting yourself down !!!! Too many years practice xxxxxxxx

  • DrHarriHH Dr Harriet (@DrHarriHH) relatou um problema

    @Garmin @GarminUK @GarminFitness your index smart scales appear to not be as sold. When weight goes up or down the amount of body fat and muscle mass rises and falls in exactly the same way. It seems to be a calculation, not a measurement. How do I get my money back?

  • AngelMi1979 angel (@AngelMi1979) relatou um problema

    @KCMarathon @GarminFitness @BlueKC No comprar sus productos a los cinco años si tienes algún problema con tu reloj no tendran recambios y ademas te daran largas para que no te entre en garantía...

  • AngelMi1979 angel (@AngelMi1979) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness No comprar sus productos a los cinco años si tienes algún problema con tu reloj no tendran recambios y ademas te daran largas para que no te entre en garantía...

  • ronhollis Ron (@ronhollis) relatou um problema

    Well…after 20 years as an athlete using Garmin products..They have forced me to Apple….Vivoactive 4 HR is a terrible product..every update in software fixes 2 things and breaks 3…ordered the Apple Watch and fitness apps… @GarminFitness @Garmin #garmin

  • MelodramaBabs Babs (@MelodramaBabs) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness hi! thanks for the reply. I think it was maybe a one off corruption issue. I wasn't able to sync, so then I tried to manually upload the file and I was getting errors saying that there was a problem with the file I used a .FIT repair tool & all was well after that.

  • rodtrent Still Not a Ninja (@rodtrent) relatou um problema

    @benfcova @GarminFitness Possibly. I think it was actually a bad update.

  • jackrabbit JackRabbit (@jackrabbit) relatou um problema

    Y’all just be thankful that @GarminFitness isn’t also down.

  • heynow88 J Rotramel (@heynow88) relatou um problema

    My son's @GarminFitness Forerunner 45 got ripped right off his arm at the Griak Invitational. It was retrieved but poor band design, screw mounts snapped right off. Not recommended for XC races. #running #garmin

  • bjbbiker Bart Boma (@bjbbiker) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness lil help if u don’t mind. I just upgraded 2 the 6x from the 5. I’m an airline pilot & switch time zones 3-4 times a day. Every time I took my phone off airplane mode the 5 would update 2 the new time. The 6x isn’t. I have to open garmin connect each time. Plz help!

  • analogfusion Lance King (@analogfusion) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Thank you. Not to be rude, but your auto GPS units do not work with Windows - at least not consistently. This has been an ongoing issue. I've tried ALL the troubleshooting steps on 3 separate Windows PCs. Each PC can see the device, but Garmin Express cannot.

  • rasliche Eric ☕️ 🐟 💻 (@rasliche) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Maybe it's just a display issue on Connect. Watch is up-to-date, and it looks like the activities are in my history, just not always on the home screen. Weird.

  • the_REAL_deal88 🤴 His Royal Highness of Subang 🏴 🌍 (@the_REAL_deal88) relatou um problema

    @Lishaanth @GarminFitness Bought the basic Forerunner 55 to start with bro. It's not bad.

  • Rogerovalles Roger ovalles (@Rogerovalles) relatou um problema

    Which of the accounts attends or supports because of how poorly attended to Garmin ConnectIQ service? Please help @GarminCycling @GarminFitness @GarminCycling

  • Rogerovalles Roger ovalles (@Rogerovalles) relatou um problema

    @GarminCycling @garminconnect @GarminFitness cual de las cuentas atiende o da soporte por lo mal atendido con respecto al al servicio de Garmin ConnectIQ por favor ayuda

  • pslgreg pslgreg (@pslgreg) relatou um problema

    I don't see anything but trouble coming from needing an outside server, to handle and store info going from my watch to the app on my phone, a few feet away. It certainly isn't a benefit to the user. I am done with @GarminFitness Too annoying, and erratic.

  • Rogerovalles Roger ovalles (@Rogerovalles) relatou um problema

    @garminconnect @GarminCycling @GarminFitness Help, I can’t configure applications downloaded from Garmin ConnectIQ from the app on my iPhone for days

  • Rogerovalles Roger ovalles (@Rogerovalles) relatou um problema

    @garminconnect @GarminCycling @GarminFitness ayuda no puedo configurar aplicaciones descargadas desde Garmin ConnectIQ desde la app en mi iPhone desde hace días

  • nvanexan Nicholas Van Exan (@nvanexan) relatou um problema

    @Garmin @GarminFitness notifications are no longer coming to my Forerunner 245 after iOS 15 update and new focus modes. Will you be updating the connect app / pushing a fix soon or at all?

  • ZapBranny Xavier (@ZapBranny) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Hey Garmin. Venu 2S keeps turning itself off every morning. Have you got a fix? Looks like a software issue?

  • LiisKuL Liis Kullerkann (@LiisKuL) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness If only you could fix the syncing problem so many people experience with your watches and the connect app. Just having to deal with this issue on a daily basis makes me wanna replace my not even 4 months old Garmin watch..

  • TKSp3cialiSt Mark (@TKSp3cialiSt) relatou um problema

    @Garmin why does my Garmin Fenix 3 HR go into a bootloop and randomly work fine @GarminFitness @GarminCycling please fix this issue, i am not the only user experiencing this