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Garmin Connect é uma plataforma de atividade de saúde e fitness para usuários de rastreadores Garmin, como smartwatches, monitores de frequência cardíaca e dispositivos GPS. O aplicativo Garmin Connect está disponível nas lojas Google e Apple.

Problemas nas últimas 24 horas

O gráfico a seguir mostra o número de reclamações sobre falha no serviço Garmin Connect que recebemos por hora do dia nas últimas 24 horas. Consideramos que há uma interrupção quando o número de reclamações é maior do que a linha de base, representada pela linha vermelha.

Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço Garmin Connect 06/21/2024 19:25

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Problemas mais relatados

A seguir estão os problemas mais recentes relatados pelos usuários da Garmin Connect em nosso site.

  1. Falha de aplicativo (32%)

    Falha de aplicativo (32%)

  2. Recursos Online (25%)

    Recursos Online (25%)

  3. Site desativado (23%)

    Site desativado (23%)

  4. Login (8%)

    Login (8%)

  5. Erros (7%)

    Erros (7%)

  6. Falha do dispositivo (6%)

    Falha do dispositivo (6%)

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City Problem Type Report Time
BrazilCuritiba Falha de aplicativo
FranceSeyssinet-Pariset Site desativado
BelgiumSint-Truiden Falha de aplicativo
FranceLe Pont-de-Claix Site desativado
United KingdomBradford Erros
BrazilSão Paulo Site desativado
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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Garmin Connect

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:

  • KeithDCharlton Keith Charlton (@KeithDCharlton) relatou um problema de Coussay-les-Bois, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

    @rob_cox3 @GarminFitness @GarminUK My 910 did the same Rob, elevation was all over the place. There was some help given in a forum somewhere I think but it didn't work. I climb the equivalent of Everest every run

  • RDR12 Randy (@RDR12) relatou um problema de Centennial, Colorado

    A question for @GarminFitness How come new devises connect to satellites instantly but slows down considerably over time?

  • mlroth84 Mel (@mlroth84) relatou um problema

    .@Garmin @GarminFitness - I have a Captain Marvel legacy watch and the GPS keeps dropping out on runs. Have no pace or distance info. Have reset watch many times. Help! Watch is essentially useless without this.

  • AdamPalmer91 Adam Palmer (@AdamPalmer91) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness I have already read this, and do not believe any of the answers to fix this. One of my activities it was about an hour in before it shot up to normal, so warming up beforehand is unlikely to do much. I am cycling so there is basically no movement of the watch on my wrist

  • Lora_McManus Lora McManus (@Lora_McManus) relatou um problema de Manhattan, New York

    @eljhawk @GarminFitness Weren’t they hacked? It wasn’t a maintenance issue. Thought it was back to being functional now tho.

  • LukeWilcz Luke Wilczynski (@LukeWilcz) relatou um problema de Huddersfield, England

    @JamesTurton @GarminFitness Had this message when trying to sign in for the last 3/4 hours now

  • MarieLomb Marie Lomb (@MarieLomb) relatou um problema

    Hey @GarminFitness, maybe you have any input on this? Help would be greatly appreciated :)

  • solecycling Sole Cycling (@solecycling) relatou um problema

    Dear @GarminFrance @GarminFitness @GarminCycling my HR ******** my Fenix has started to drop out intermittently. I have changed the battery but same issue. Do you have any idea what I can do? Thanks

  • BeastModePT Paul Harpham (@BeastModePT) relatou um problema de Rotherham, England

    Is @GarminUK @GarminFitness Connect down again?... 😭

  • CMJC73 Crispin Cresswell (@CMJC73) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Latest update, now that you decided to have your app sync to Apple Health again, still writes REM sleep as being awake. Over 2 months this has been a problem. This is not really a good demonstration of how you #BeatYesterday is it?

  • ZeToOm Tom (@ZeToOm) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Hi you have bug for weeks on #GarminConnect about the weekly average total time of sleep. Average is always wrong please fix it 🙏🏻 #garmin @GarminFrance @garminconnect

  • Tommy_M_E_J Tom (@Tommy_M_E_J) relatou um problema de Hammersmith, England

    . @GarminUK @GarminFitness Your app says your servers are down for maintenance when do you think they will be back up? It’s been a few days now

  • the_dan Dan (@the_dan) relatou um problema

    My @GarminFitness watch had a big measurement error on the longest run of my life. 😒

  • AdamPalmer91 Adam Palmer (@AdamPalmer91) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness It also doesn't explain why I have literally never had this issue before, and all of a sudden it has started doing it on every activity

  • loobeeloou Louise Kennedy (@loobeeloou) relatou um problema

    @helly_welly_woo @GarminUK @GarminFitness I had the exact same issue with my Fitbit. They replaced the band a number of times. It helped to take my watch off before washing my hands but it still happened. I ended up swapping to an Apple Watch.

  • rshanahan1990 Robert Shanahan (@rshanahan1990) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Not doubled on Connect. I found a note on MFP's status page saying they're aware of the issue

  • lizzy3091705 Liz (@lizzy3091705) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness I'm doing the walking one, can't work out why my activities aren't showing up in the progress bar for this challenge? Is there an issue?

  • kpdarshi Krishna Priyadarshi (@kpdarshi) relatou um problema de Clayville, Gauteng

    @FitbitSupport Stop fooling your customer, when you knew the problem then there is no point in beating around the bush, I contacted 5 months back as well and then also you didn’t had any ETA, isn’t it’s shameful for a company like @fitbit , I’m getting enough reason to move to @GarminFitness

  • CChoithani Chetan Choithani (@CChoithani) relatou um problema

    @Garmin @GarminFitness @Garmin_India I bought an instinct from the US which developed battery drain issue in a month. I moved to India in between. I recently got a replacement (after 40 days) which also seems to have major issues with its censors

  • CassLynee Cass (@CassLynee) relatou um problema de Chicago, Illinois

    @whatsnextdave @GarminFitness I just bought a cheap pedometer on Amazon because it has been so bad. To be fair it’s worse with run data than walking, and I could be using my Garmin watch for runs instead, I’ve just been stepping back from using it during the pandemic to give myself a break on pace.

  • chrisrunrev Chris Schenone (@chrisrunrev) relatou um problema de Los Gatos, California

    @GarminFitness system down for maintenance, planned return estimated time ?

  • KimberleySaint Kimberley Saint 🐝 (@KimberleySaint) relatou um problema de Manchester, England

    My running watch (Forerunner 35) is poorly 😭 Used their web form to contact @GarminUK Tues 8 Aug & no reply... I am desperate for a fix! Is there a long wait for help @GarminFitness ? I’m losing faith in you & it’s sad when your products are the market leader #garmin

  • Heath_Lewis Heath Lewis (@Heath_Lewis) relatou um problema de City of Saint Paul, Minnesota

    @Garmin @GarminFitness Is today’s outage with #GarminConnect scheduled maintenance or should users expect another prolonged outage? #GarminDown

  • srchvrs Leo Boytsov (@srchvrs) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness I understand, but it's clearly a bug and the app should be able to show at least the total amount of sleep. And it biases things up quite a bit. I guess it's not a problem for people without sleep problems, but isn't the goal to help primarily people who do have such problems?

  • sarunners South African Runners (@sarunners) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness Hi, I have a problem. I factory reset my watch and now when I want to sync my activity with Connect it doesn't even complete syncing. Never ending circle. Help!

  • luigigriffo90 Luigi Griffo (@luigigriffo90) relatou um problema

    @GarminFitness @El_Bart_xD Do you have an update on this issue and if it’ll be fixed? It is pretty clear that the heart rate readings are totally off with the 12.20 software and hence the Vo2 Max are screwed up. I lost 3 points in 1 month.

  • nuebelm Markus Nübel (@nuebelm) relatou um problema de Lippstadt, Nordrhein-Westfalen

    Puhh. #GarminDown once again. Another attack on @GarminFitness 🤔? Or really just regular maintenance 🧐.

  • BehanNiall Niall Behan (@BehanNiall) relatou um problema de Dublin City, Leinster

    @Garmin @GarminFitness - 3rd sync issue inside 5 weeks ... what’s going on???

  • JayElbaz JE (@JayElbaz) relatou um problema

    created a @Garmin workout and it won’t sync from the app to my watch and i just don’t have the head to manually lap intervals. need help please! @GarminFitness #runchat

  • BZekowski Brett A. Zekowski (@BZekowski) relatou um problema de Flower Hill, New York

    @GarminFitness app is down again?