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H1Z1 é um jogo de sobrevivência sandbox MMO (Jogo Multijogador Online em Massa) pós-apocalíptico em que você precisa lutar pela sua vida contra um mundo dominado por zumbis. Desenvolvido pela Daybreak Game Company e disponível para Xbox, Playstation e Windows.

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  • Mickey68522 Mickey (@Mickey68522) relatou um problema

    @TheLegacyComics @DaybreakHelp Dm @viewcyberhelp ASAP he help me solved my problem when I have similar issue with my locked account. His good and fast

  • Joni19707149 Junaid Saeed (@Joni19707149) relatou um problema

    @TheLegacyComics @DaybreakHelp It really feels bad how your account has been locked I had same issue not until I was recommended to @agthwi and he got it fixed today hit him up and be happy again

  • stevegean55 steve gean (@stevegean55) relatou um problema

    @TheLegacyComics @DaybreakHelp I suggest you reach out to @GraceCyberSaver on Twitter, they help with all hacked, banned, disabled,locked account related issues, she’ll help you

  • TheLegacyComics Legacy Comics (@TheLegacyComics) relatou um problema

    @DaybreakHelp Hello, I am locked out of my account and the password reset is not working. The secret question it is asking me is not taking my answer, and I KNOW it's the correct answer. Please help asap.

  • DeathIsLife33q Bored (@DeathIsLife33q) relatou um problema

    @H1Z1 Bullshit developers just add new skins for you to waste money on and never fix their bullshit

  • LennoxInsane Lennox  |🧡| (@LennoxInsane) relatou um problema


  • SarmyKun Sarmy (@SarmyKun) relatou um problema

    @PlayApex can u fix ur ******* game pls? Tf am I even playing, is this H1Z1 or something? I get dc 4/5 times and the 1 time I can actually play (more like teleport with the server ping) I get a cheater, this game sucks *** and I hope u all lose ur job, cuz this **** is unplayable

  • SarmyKun Sarmy (@SarmyKun) relatou um problema

    @PlayApex can u fix ur ******* game pls? Tf am I even playing, is this H1Z1 or something, I get dc 4/5 times and the 1 time I can actually play (more like teleport with the server ping) I get a cheater, this game sucks and I hope u all lose ur job, cuz this **** fcking sucks :DDD

  • mzryyy ♥︎mzry🌸 (@mzryyy) relatou um problema

    @moveZ1e no problem movez1e from the quake and H1Z1 community

  • HighlandWizard Wizard (@HighlandWizard) relatou um problema

    @maryycherryy back in the H1Z1 days the Lady i mod for was getting stream sniped but in a diff way he find her and run around her singing some silly banana song hahaha but there was one that just killed her over and over and when she logged out of the game the *** DDos'ed her

  • DexAreEx1 DexAreEx (@DexAreEx1) relatou um problema

    @aidan_seitz @R6_Lion @Respawn No no no no no **** no. refer to H1Z1 for great ways to kill extremely popular brs like that time they added a delay top crouching to "fix" crouch spam. ******* stupid idea.

  • PREEMGAMINGHD Eggsbox (@PREEMGAMINGHD) relatou um problema

    @XRPrince_ They wont fix it bro and thats why i refuse to play it and pubg, I like my fortnite and cold war plus h1z1.

  • Colseyyyy Colsey ᛟ (@Colseyyyy) relatou um problema

    @anthonyboyce00 @Rainbow6Game Well PUBG, Modern Warfare (Multiplayer), H1Z1 and even Minecraft all have content with literally no issues. I'm on Console, PS4. I've put over 2500 on my main on R6, so I'm not a hater, otherwise I'd be wasting my time lol. R6 is a good game with potential but the devs are lazy

  • MsAndropy Everything she does is filthy f*cking casual (@MsAndropy) relatou um problema

    @DCUO @DaybreakHelp @DaybreakGames I am so thankful for that questionnaire you sent. I have been VERY frustrated with the bugs/issues in DCUO currently. I am relieved to have my frustrations heard. I can't wait to get to play DCUO episode 41... once it's playable <3 <3 <3

  • Drewplayzss Drewplayzss (@Drewplayzss) relatou um problema

    @enadglobal7 fix the h1z1 market plz i just want to buy h1 skins plz put it back up

  • ToolOfOpiate Joe Burkett (@ToolOfOpiate) relatou um problema

    @chaoschaos111 @GamingAllAccess @CallofDuty Its a huge part of the issue. Free stuff gets hacked cheated on the most. Especially without any anti cheat established. Pubg and h1z1 full of cheaters. Apex has them too maybe not as many as the others but they still are there.

  • BNinetySix_ B-96 (@BNinetySix_) relatou um problema

    @DaybreakHelp cannot login to SolTech day 2 do something idiots

  • Jdub8950 jDubbs (@Jdub8950) relatou um problema

    @WJacky101 @tgltnPUBG H1z1 had a dynamic circle that would keep matches quicker and smaller based on the amount of players that are in lobbies. Sadly that's not a good thing but might need to be adopted if these bots are that big of an issue.

  • OcakcOguz Oğuz Ocakçı (@OcakcOguz) relatou um problema

    @enadglobal7 It’s been a whole year since the last update for H1Z1 on PS4. If you won’t update the game, fix the bugs, meet the demands of the players, then why did you buy the game??? You are worse than DayBreak Games !

  • CavemanCrispy 🔴Live ttv/CrispyCaveman | (@CavemanCrispy) relatou um problema

    I feel like h1z1 was more fun than #escapefromtarkov at least h1z1 seemed fair. And the lag was non existent just crazy physics with the cars sometimes. @bstategames and #escapefromtarkov is a dumpster fire

  • CavemanCrispy 🔴Live ttv/CrispyCaveman | (@CavemanCrispy) relatou um problema

    My computer exceeds reqs and yet most games are unplayable due to lag. I had more fun playing h1z1 than #escapefromtarkov 1/10 development @bstategames

  • Hundayaa ▫️HunDa▫️ (@Hundayaa) relatou um problema

    COD Black ops, Black Ops 2, H1Z1 Ça manque ******.

  • agyo_k 阿形𝓐𝓰𝔂𝓸🇾🇹 (@agyo_k) relatou um problema

    @1idoru Justement fortnite a profité de la fam qu'avait les BR comme H1Z1 et Pubg, ils ont tout fait à la base, mais le seul problème c'est qu'ils étaient payant. Du coup fortnite a profité et a mit un br gratuit si il n'aurait pas été gratuit personne n'y aurait jouer.

  • Dyl_Pi U-ZU-MA-KI Naruto Rendan ! (@Dyl_Pi) relatou um problema

    Ptdrrr Fortnite c'est vraiment le pire jeu. Il n'a rien inventé, il a piqué la vedette à PUBG et H1Z1 et maintenant ils veulent faire pareil avec Among Us....

  • thedoomsday9000 thedoomsday9000 WAIFU (@thedoomsday9000) relatou um problema

    As an ex H1Z1 pro I feel like most battle royals don't need to be a esport. @PlayApex feels like it is the only good battle royal to watch in an esport scenario every other battle royal has a broken meta if it wasn't for that I would still play H1Z1.

  • Georgiaboi2478 Gilbert (@Georgiaboi2478) relatou um problema

    @H1Z1 Are yall gone fix this game??

  • JaayOnPC ジ BattyFlaps ジ DEEZ NUTZ (@JaayOnPC) relatou um problema

    I have many games where i struggle for a kill then one good game h1z1 is hard because other people are better at aiming and moving.. there is also the broken daybreakness of the game too mind you

  • JaayOnPC ジ BattyFlaps ジ DEEZ NUTZ (@JaayOnPC) relatou um problema

    But remember this.. Doc tried a come back to h1z1.. struggled for a single kill.. blamed the game for like 99% of it whether in character or not.. the game is hard.. people just got insanely good.. Its a real problem..

  • JaayOnPC ジ BattyFlaps ジ DEEZ NUTZ (@JaayOnPC) relatou um problema

    @JCPlump @pcgamer The problem is h1z1 listened to people.. What happened to it.. stuff got put in the game which ruined it. People begged for them to change the combat make it more like pubg.. they changed it.. and everybody hated it.. The problem is gamers aren't always right

  • TaliskerDev Darrin McPherson (@TaliskerDev) relatou um problema

    @DaybreakHelp DB Customer service page me in a complete loop. It tells me change password, then says I need to contact cust serv instead, which requires me to log in, requiring my password - Which I can't change. Not awesome.