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Usuários da Ring afetados:


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A Ring é uma empresa de segurança doméstica e casa inteligente de propriedade da Amazon. A empresa fabrica produtos de segurança doméstica que incorporam câmeras de detecção de movimento ao ar livre, como o Ring Video Doorbell.

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Locais mais afetados

Nos últimos 15 dias, as reclamações sobre interrupções e problemas tiveram origem em:

Localização Reclamações
Amsterdam, nh 4
Dallas, TX 2
Köln, NRW 2
Manchester, England 2
Tangier, Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima 1
Houston, TX 1
Dundalk, MD 1
Dartford, England 1
Westland, MI 1
Plainfield, IL 1
Bristol, England 1
Weston-super-Mare, England 1
Almería, Andalucía 1
Kemnath, Bavaria 1
Leeds, England 1
Denver, CO 1
Columbia, SC 1
Perth, WA 1
Eltham, England 1
Fort Mill, SC 1
Atlanta, GA 1
Tijuana, BCN 1
Guadalajara, JAL 1
Hamburg, HH 1
Ashburn, VA 1

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Ring

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:

  • DeglovingMyself AJ says wut? still a simp (@DeglovingMyself) relatou um problema

    @FergieTheTaurus @ring Goddamn creepy *** people 😑 Sorry y'all had to deal with that. I'm thankful I live in an apartment on the top floor sometimes because of **** like this.

  • _Ben_Short_ Ben Short (@_Ben_Short_) relatou um problema

    @ring doorbell keeps dropping off Wi-Fi, never used to be this bad, nest camera even further away is fine. Bought Wi-Fi boosters to try and help but done nothing. Getting very annoying now as don’t know when people are at the door

  • akhan999 Amjid Khan (@akhan999) relatou um problema

    @ring You probably should have got consumer feedback first. Putting more features into an app that all your consumers know is to slow is not considered an improvement. The point of rapid ring was it was LIGHTWEIGHT right! So it works faster.

  • akhan999 Amjid Khan (@akhan999) relatou um problema

    @ring Can you show me some indication from your QA team on their testing to show exactly what improvements there has been? I tested it only last week and it was slow as hell to alert making the entire System pointless.

  • faz_1998 fazzy (@faz_1998) relatou um problema

    @ring my chime stopped working because I deactivated my account. I've tried reconnecting it and now it says I'm not the owner and its sending them an email! Please help! We have had a slew of burglaries in the area ans personally we're burgled a month ago so need this sorted ASAP

  • GG_Regence Georgette (@GG_Regence) relatou um problema

    @PoppyLatte I would contact @ring if that’s who handles your doorbell camera and see if they can help you troubleshoot your doorbell camera and if they have access to any saved images.

  • Maebsomeday MB (@Maebsomeday) relatou um problema

    @ring can I get some actual help with these cameras? They are terrible and the help I get never helps

  • seahuskies Seahuskies (@seahuskies) relatou um problema

    @ring hi was hoping you could help. Moved into new home with existing ring doorbell. Don't have either QR code or know the model of doorbell. How can I set this up to take control from previous owner?

  • rayraywk justme (@rayraywk) relatou um problema

    @ring Just xcl my w/ u. Your cams are off line and no one can fix it. Spent lots of $$ for your hardware. Thanks for stealing my $$.

  • JordanHillmick Jordan Hillmick (@JordanHillmick) relatou um problema

    Tell me why I invested in @ring and twice now my property has been broken into in the last couple weeks without a thing being picked up on camera? I’m so frustrated.

  • DubyaDeeCee DubyaDeeCee (@DubyaDeeCee) relatou um problema

    @ring I loved Prime… then all the anti-baxinashun videos were removed over the past 4 years. Now I despise @Prime and Bezos. Now he’s a crybaby because his ******* shaped rockets weren’t good enough to win more NASA contracts. Poor multi billionaire. #JeffBezos

  • our_unicorn Our Unicorn Diaries (@our_unicorn) relatou um problema

    @ring Customer service USED to be good. I’ve been with them since their prototype door camera. But now their customer service is awful. They know there’s an issue with their cameras but they quote their TOS and offer 35% off a new camera! @ArloSmartHome seems a better choice.

  • Rikx_Nu RiKx (@Rikx_Nu) relatou um problema

    @ring No I’m unable to log in as ur app has bounced me out and insists this is a new device and my phone is broken

  • Kezzer_Kez Kerry (@Kezzer_Kez) relatou um problema

    @ring I want you to check your end to see if there’s an issue - I know how to set it up - it’s weird the one I have currently has stopped working as well as a new one not responding. I don’t want to waste my time contacting you, doing all the suggested fixes if the issue is with you.

  • _schlicki Load"Schlicki",8,1 🖖 (@_schlicki) relatou um problema

    Why is my wired @ring doorbell playing the notification itself? How to turn that off? How can I increase the volume on connected Echoes? Notification volume is at max but seems not effecting the Ring-notification when someone is at the door. @AmazonHelp says its a Ring problem.

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