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Usuários da Ring afetados:


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A Ring é uma empresa de segurança doméstica e casa inteligente de propriedade da Amazon. A empresa fabrica produtos de segurança doméstica que incorporam câmeras de detecção de movimento ao ar livre, como o Ring Video Doorbell.

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Locais mais afetados

Nos últimos 15 dias, as reclamações sobre interrupções e problemas tiveram origem em:

Localização Reclamações
Plainfield, IL 22
London, England 6
New York City, NY 3
San Francisco, CA 3
Manchester, England 2
Elk Grove Village, IL 2
Dartford, England 1
Sittingbourne, England 1
Norristown, PA 1
Wigan, England 1
Barking, England 1
Cambridge, England 1
Baytown, TX 1
Swaffham, England 1
Tuscaloosa, AL 1
Plymouth, England 1
Milton, FL 1
Mexborough, England 1
Sheboygan, WI 1
Newmarket, ON 1
Mexico City, CDMX 1
Slough, England 1
Delray Beach, FL 1
Southall, England 1
Newham, England 1
Mississauga, ON 1
North Berwick, Scotland 1
Moncton, NB 1
Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid 1
Aylett, VA 1

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Ring

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:

  • Nils_Liedtke Nils Liedtke (@Nils_Liedtke) relatou um problema

    @ring sent an email to your support/help team 4 days ago, nobody cared to respond. Normal?

  • jasongrizzle Jason Grizzle (@jasongrizzle) relatou um problema

    First time downloading @ring videos en mass, and **** does their UI and logic suck. Here’s a few improvements they need to make ASAP: 1. Download “First XX” should be in ascending order, not descending. Why ******** would I want to download starting at the end of a day, forward?

  • nelehsd Helen SD (@nelehsd) relatou um problema

    @ring - my doorbell has disconnected from wifi (wifi and all all other devices are OK) - this happened around 2300 last night and it won’t reconnect at all. Is the system down? Internal chime is showing as connected still..

  • lisaforbes1980 Lisa Forbes (@lisaforbes1980) relatou um problema

    @ring Please help. I updated my app and cannot access my verification as you don't send then via email. I have called the helpline number, no response. Now I cannot use a service I pay for. Great.

  • tmack0 Theral M (@tmack0) relatou um problema

    Hey @ring, I need to login to my app to get the confirmation code generated by the app, the app is asking for to login to it... Can you fix that plz?

  • blevons Victor (@blevons) relatou um problema

    @ring new warranty with allstate. they will only replace three covered items in term. so if we have alarm, camera, and lights (30 devices). Once three pieces go bad they do not have to cover warranty?

  • wolfthehunter P.D. Petro 🎸🤠🇺🇸 (@wolfthehunter) relatou um problema

    @ring I am walking again in sight of my door most of the time but not all the time. Fumes getting to strong, dumb Down plus teeth hurting eye watering minxes with gut churning diarrhea and the water is off today,

  • gmbarnette Matt Barnette (@gmbarnette) relatou um problema

    @ring no problem. Just letting you know in case you want to change it for future customers.

  • blevons Victor (@blevons) relatou um problema

    @ring First you double the price if you want your alarm monitored. Now you put Allstate in place of the warranty you promised. A few big issues.. Says we have to ship out a doorbell for repair if determined to be bad. So missing a doorbell for weeks vs advance replacement.

  • aizel_rivera Aizel Rivera (@aizel_rivera) relatou um problema

    When @ring disconnects your service in error and screws up your Eero on the process. Wonder if it was on purpose make me buy a new one.

  • wolfthehunter P.D. Petro 🎸🤠🇺🇸 (@wolfthehunter) relatou um problema

    @ring Not much into jokes. I am leaving my apartment now and activating the alarm but I will stay mainly in sight of my door, but not continuously. If a camera goes offline, or it goes down before I go back inside I certainly hope you can turn the stuff back on remotely or something.

  • wolfthehunter P.D. Petro 🎸🤠🇺🇸 (@wolfthehunter) relatou um problema

    @ring I am back in now, but when I came back it looked offline, I turned it back on, then off to come in

  • Hinchley86 Matthew Hinchley (@Hinchley86) relatou um problema

    @nelehsd @ring Ours is offline and won’t reconnect, says to check internet connection- which is working fine.

  • aliceness alice. (@aliceness) relatou um problema

    @ring Having trouble with the light on my wired spotlight camera. Are you aware of any known problems with this at the moment?

  • jddonnell2591 GATEKEEPER (@jddonnell2591) relatou um problema

    @ring Good luck if you need customer support from ring. They screwed up my subscription and I’ve been waiting 2 hours and 50 minutes for a call back from a supervisor to remedy the issue. Worthless.. get a NEST

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