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A Ring é uma empresa de segurança doméstica e casa inteligente de propriedade da Amazon. A empresa fabrica produtos de segurança doméstica que incorporam câmeras de detecção de movimento ao ar livre, como o Ring Video Doorbell.

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Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço Ring 10/28/2021 06:15

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Mapa de falhas e interrupções no serviço Ring

As últimas reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas vieram de:

United StatesWashington Site desativado
GermanyMunich Recursos Online
GermanyNürnberg Recursos Online
GermanyNürnberg Erros
United KingdomLondon Falha de aplicativo
United StatesAtlanta Site desativado

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Ring

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:
  • mikeikeda Michael Ikeda (@mikeikeda) relatou um problema

    @ring how can I get escalated help? I’ve been on the phone going around in circles with your phone support for 2 hours now. 🤬🤬🤬

  • g_venable Geni Venable (@g_venable) relatou um problema

    @ring My doorbell battery started draining in a day. Any idea how to fix this? All the settings are the same as they were before when it would last 2+ weeks without needing a charge.

  • paws_diamond Matsuda (@paws_diamond) relatou um problema

    @ring I have a ring doorbell and encouraged by friends to buy them. However, I have posted 2 crimes to the app that are taken down before they even post. A repeat offender that doesnt pick up dog feces in a soccer field is a crime. On what basis do you deem something a crime?

  • charlesmartelfr ★彡 Charles Martel 732 彡★ (@charlesmartelfr) relatou um problema

    @ring It takes MUCH LONGER to login to a website rather than just opening a Windows app directly from the Windows notification when mouvement is detected! The website is NOT practical at all!

  • charlesmartelfr ★彡 Charles Martel 732 彡★ (@charlesmartelfr) relatou um problema

    @ring Not exited at all since you're taking down your Windows App!!! Very disappointed since it was the fastest way to see the video feed! Time to shop somewhere else for my Doorbell replacement!

  • daywalkerzrow eric daniels (@daywalkerzrow) relatou um problema de Athens, Georgia

    @ring someone knocked down my front camera yesterday I put it back up it has power but not showing anything. The battery was at 21% so I tried charging it and no charging ring at all

  • craig_westwood Craig Westwood (@craig_westwood) relatou um problema

    @ring chime is flashing blue, tried reset button but still flashing. Please help.

  • zakabitz zak abitz (@zakabitz) relatou um problema

    @ring Is one of the worst pieces of smart home tech there is. Never connects, rarely picks up on people that walk directly up to it, did I mention it never connects? Absolute trash.

  • jpstein53 Justin Stein (@jpstein53) relatou um problema

    @ring The “submit” button on the “report theft” page on your website does not work. Customer service won’t help. My ring video doorbell was vandalized and I would like a new one. I have a police report and a video of the incident. Please help me resolve this issue. Very angry!!

  • truth_hurts88 kim hamilton (@truth_hurts88) relatou um problema

    @ring my ring doorbell is offline Internet is fine as my other cameras are still working any suggestions

  • unclelukereal1 Luther Luke Campbell (@unclelukereal1) relatou um problema

    @ADT come get this trash Alarm system and @ring out of my house.

  • Robbinlynn Dr. not Ms. Robbinlynn (@Robbinlynn) relatou um problema

    Finally done with @ring terrible customer service. Because of their horrible advice I have no monitoring. Will be shopping for new systems soon

  • T_K_J_ KJ (@T_K_J_) relatou um problema

    @ingolohr @ring @daputz I am having the same issue.

  • achadwell Optimus Clay $AMC (@achadwell) relatou um problema

    @ring your customer service is terrible and so is your logistics department. Waiting over 6 weeks for products and was just told it will be 7-12 more. I’ll be sending my whole order back when it finally shows up. 1200$ btw. But hey, thanks for the yard sign…. #ring #fail

  • daputz Putzi (@daputz) relatou um problema

    @ingolohr @ring Problem exists only on my iPhone. Wife's phone works. workaround is now using the Rapid Ring app on my iPhone.

  • Kelly_E83 Kelly E (@Kelly_E83) relatou um problema

    @ring hey guys please help for about 2 weeks now my pro doorbell has had major issues no recording, live view is errors and freezing. Tried everything. Please help!

  • McKenziParham McKenzi Gravesmill (@McKenziParham) relatou um problema

    @ring my stick up camera won’t turn on, we’ve charged the battery and replaced the battery. Still nothing. The blue light won’t flash. It’s about a year old, can you help?

  • daputz Putzi (@daputz) relatou um problema

    @ring is there a problem with the live video since last Friday? Videos are being recorded when movement is detected, but live videos always gives a still picture and the clock is running, but video is actually frozen.

  • calamityjane001 Lynne E. (@calamityjane001) relatou um problema

    @ring They’re not “running as normal.” I’ve had these for 2 years. And it wasn’t 1 call. It was 3! You have a firmware issue. After the last rep reset all the cameras this started. The outlier was a new, replacement camera that was behaving normally until reset. Fix it.

  • onlinedesignuk 🖥 Online Design (@onlinedesignuk) relatou um problema

    @ring hello…. How do I get hold of someone in support? The online chat is not working

  • calamityjane001 Lynne E. (@calamityjane001) relatou um problema

    @ring Hey Ring, what’s up with the huge security issue introduced when you pushed “modes?” Now cameras stop working at 12:00 am and don’t begin working until 5:00 am! And yes, I’ve called, no one has a clue! Big problem. Huge!

  • AntonyOwner tony styles (@AntonyOwner) relatou um problema

    @ring Last week my alarm keypad went off line & a Ring technician helped me get it back. Today it has gone offline twice & both times it has also taken itself off my list of devices.The first time I reinstalled it but is it time for a replacement?

  • GoLarge Keith Phillips (@GoLarge) relatou um problema

    Hey @ring can you help me please? My lights on my new Wired Floodlight Cam is continuously on. I’ve tried settings, schedules, motions, turning it off etc. (But it keeps coming back on) Anything else I can do?

  • BrandonAtkinsX Brandon Atkins (@BrandonAtkinsX) relatou um problema

    @ring why is it so hard to speak to someone who can speak clear English and that can actually help when you call? I’ve asked to speak with a supervisor several times and they give me some bullshit about being in a meeting.

  • Olitzers ♡ Kerrington ♡ (@Olitzers) relatou um problema

    @ring I really wish Ring would stop with all the app updates each time they update it causes problem.

  • the1stOlly420 Olly (@the1stOlly420) relatou um problema

    What if I didn't have an account? I actually asked this and was told that in that event, they can't issue refunds? What? You have my card number, but you can't issue a $30 refund to the card used to make the purchase? Really @ring - really?

  • jodeci88888888 Jodeci88888888 (@jodeci88888888) relatou um problema

    @MattyeIsaBaddie My son is so bad I put a damn @ring camera in my kitchen!

  • Stephluva2711 Stephany Ternize (@Stephluva2711) relatou um problema

    After 1 wk of my @ring doorbell being down and calling for a replacement I receive the wrong one! Called support and am being told they can't just replace it and they have to 'investigate'. #frustrated @ring help a loyal customer out

  • mgruff Steve Reich (@mgruff) relatou um problema

    @ring is there someone that can help me in tech support. Called yesterday and want feeling the love

  • Guiller07787124 Guillermo Garces (@Guiller07787124) relatou um problema

    @ring my name is Guillermo Garces , member, I have a tech issue with one of my cameras , after 1 hour troubleshooting it was concluded that I need a camera replacement. I’ve been a sub of the $100 plan since day one , due to an expired card I apparently lost the extended warranty