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A Ring é uma empresa de segurança doméstica e casa inteligente de propriedade da Amazon. A empresa fabrica produtos de segurança doméstica que incorporam câmeras de detecção de movimento ao ar livre, como o Ring Video Doorbell.

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Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço Ring 08/16/2022 08:25

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Ring

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:
  • Fletchmeister81 Darrell fletcher (@Fletchmeister81) relatou um problema

    @ring i have an alarm with keypad but the battery wont charge and keypad wont turn on can you help? Less than a year old

  • SpeaksTruth123 Misc Me (@SpeaksTruth123) relatou um problema

    @ring I am supposed to wait on hold for 45 minutes listening to repeat nonstop advertising to get help?

  • ColourBlindVis Colour Blind Vision_ (@ColourBlindVis) relatou um problema

    @Mark_Rathgeber I couldn't agree any more about those colours. It feels like a lucky dip determining whether my @ring doorbell battery is charged. If I were to fix it, I would remove the colour from the equation. Have a flashing light for charging and a constant light to indicate charged.

  • wolfthehunter P.D. Petro 🎸🤠🇺🇸 (@wolfthehunter) relatou um problema

    @ring started coming in from next door stronger. Then she just hung up suddenly. I have these 3 ring numbers>ring emergency833-209-2159,ring 833-906-1146 and ring help, the one I called 1-800-656-1918.

  • wolfthehunter P.D. Petro 🎸🤠🇺🇸 (@wolfthehunter) relatou um problema

    @ring So I called ring to return my hacked and worthless ring system I cannot afford anyway. After a lengthy wait the girl that answered could not verify her identity for me, and was stalling the conversation, and said my email showed no customer with that email and the dumb down gas

  • wolfthehunter P.D. Petro 🎸🤠🇺🇸 (@wolfthehunter) relatou um problema

    @ring I would like a refund, but if the person I am speaking to now on the ring help number cannot confirm their identity then they may not be legit. She cannot confirm her identity to me.

  • theuneekearmani Uneeke Armani (@theuneekearmani) relatou um problema de Maitland, Florida

    $239 later…locksmith had to break the lock because the maintenance crew installed the lock upside down. Also, someone stole my @amazon package…I need to invest in a @ring doorbell asap.

  • Lukester00 Lukester.eth (@Lukester00) relatou um problema

    @ring you're telling me not one engineer can write a few lines of code to fix this in less than 30 days? Ring is now just another bloated corporate entity

  • WHOtheFisJC James Campbell (@WHOtheFisJC) relatou um problema

    @ring needs better customer service then just little walk-thru in their app. I keep being told that the batteries are dead and the door is open yet they are fully charged and the door is closed… WTF DUDE!

  • Lukester00 Lukester.eth (@Lukester00) relatou um problema

    @ring It’s an easy fix I’m sure. In the meantime, that page should immediately be deleted from the website. Definitely left me with a negative impression of how Ring treats customers. Imo not very well 👎🏻

  • ninjie89 autumn leigh⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟 (@ninjie89) relatou um problema

    @ADT is legit the worst company ever don’t use them. Their equipment never work and they charge you for them to fix their equipment. When you try to cancel because their equipment legit never works they try and charge you an arm and a leg. **** you #adt use @ring

  • JvonPfleiderer James P (@JvonPfleiderer) relatou um problema

    @RhonaRaskin @ring Don’t get me started on Telus Home Security. If Nest let’s you down don’t move to Telus unless you want to experience more pain, frustration and anger.

  • N1nja_Nick Nick (@N1nja_Nick) relatou um problema

    Oh. My neighbor down the road says his and our neighbor's car got broken into and their gas siphoned out a few weeks ago. But their @ADT cameras didn't trigger at all. So they are asking if any of us neighbors with @ring cameras saw it. I wonder if I should secure my car better.

  • DanInRealLife00 Dan (@DanInRealLife00) relatou um problema

    @ring Can you first let everyone know if this is a known issue?

  • RaAh89 Ricardo Alarcon H (@RaAh89) relatou um problema

    @ring @DanInRealLife00 I'm having the same problem, my bridge it's not working, has been stuck for hours in firmware update

  • sedicivalvole87 Liam Pownall (@sedicivalvole87) relatou um problema

    @HorsforthBrewer This is very **** guys. Hope it doesn't dishearten you, can you get a something like an @ring doorbell popped up? Ours at home is battery powered and just need charging every few months, at least you can post their faces if it happens again.

  • RealRickGlaser1 Rick Glaser (@RealRickGlaser1) relatou um problema

    @btrew65_u Let me get this straight, you think a guy that got knocked out in his last 2 bouts including face planted in his last fight, deserves to fight for the @ring Title over #Usyk-#Joshua. If I have that correct, you need to seek professional help, as I have that correct too! #Boxing

  • DanInRealLife00 Dan (@DanInRealLife00) relatou um problema

    @ring Not helpful. Are you having server outages which is why firmware updates aren't completing?

  • scanartist scanartist (@scanartist) relatou um problema

    Aight #utah peeps… WTF was the loud #bigboom at 8:30 this morning? @nextdoor and @ring are blowin up talking about it?

  • DanInRealLife00 Dan (@DanInRealLife00) relatou um problema

    @ring why can't I update the firmware on my Ring lighting bridge?! No matter what I try, the update never completes. I can't usey lights. HELP!

  • Buff_Shuff Siobhan (@Buff_Shuff) relatou um problema

    @ring our device had gone offline (despite their being no Wi-Fi issues & being hardwired) and is now not working at all. Have tried all advice on your website, but no joy! Can you help? @CeiakaPhillips

  • RhonaRaskin Rhona Raskin (@RhonaRaskin) relatou um problema

    If you use @ring doorbell they do not alert you yr subscription has ended. And you CANNOT pay to continue except on ORIGINAL device. So if it ends while you are travelling TOO BAD! The whole point of the security system....useless... #badcustomerservice

  • AllrounderSoul Tranquil🧘‍♀️ (@AllrounderSoul) relatou um problema

    @swara314 @ring Ouna ... I didn't had this issue in previous house.. ikkade problem

  • dumplin0678 Donna Gracey (@dumplin0678) relatou um problema

    @ring we have received a message to say our account has been deleted and we cannot access our devices. This is the third time this week we have had an issue and we can’t get through on customer services number. Can someone please help!!

  • KuroAkiGames Aki (@KuroAkiGames) relatou um problema

    @ring what is the point in having Support when they can't even hear and understand you and all the guide and help they give is legit the same steps you have been trying for the last 10 to 20 times? I don't understand how a Mac Address is going to help if the device isn't online!

  • OldFart_JD Jay Dee 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@OldFart_JD) relatou um problema

    @RamsayCooks @ring No, still does it. Ring "suggested" i reset it and reconnect to wifi but has not helped. I just think the wifi receivers on the peephole cameras are crap as i dont have this issue with my stick up cams on the same network and are situated much further away from the router.

  • ChadPFC CHAD (@ChadPFC) relatou um problema

    @SmartThingsBeat @smartthings @ring Sorry, I assumed you were the official SmartThings team. I spoke to them & got a very **** answer to my question. Apologies for the mix up.

  • _SarahGeorgina Sarah (@_SarahGeorgina) relatou um problema

    @ring hi, any reason my ring bell has gone offline and every time I try and re connect it says 'setup not complete. Check your password.' I'm definitely putting the correct password in

  • mattfrederic3 Matt Frederic (@mattfrederic3) relatou um problema

    @ring so far on the phone with 2 people both can’t understand the problem!!! Going on 27 minutes..WTF?

  • VPLiveNetwork Kevin (@VPLiveNetwork) relatou um problema

    WTF @ring! You just randomly charged me $100?! I have a basic plan which is $30 a year and that isn't due until Ocotber. Why would you do that?! #CancelRing