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A Ring é uma empresa de segurança doméstica e casa inteligente de propriedade da Amazon. A empresa fabrica produtos de segurança doméstica que incorporam câmeras de detecção de movimento ao ar livre, como o Ring Video Doorbell.

Problemas nas últimas 24 horas

O gráfico a seguir mostra o número de reclamações sobre falha no serviço Ring que recebemos por hora do dia nas últimas 24 horas. Consideramos que há uma interrupção quando o número de reclamações é maior do que a linha de base, representada pela linha vermelha.

Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço Ring 02/20/2024 22:55

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Problemas mais relatados

A seguir estão os problemas mais recentes relatados pelos usuários da Ring em nosso site.

  1. Falha de aplicativo (33%)

    Falha de aplicativo (33%)

  2. Falha do dispositivo (23%)

    Falha do dispositivo (23%)

  3. Recursos Online (15%)

    Recursos Online (15%)

  4. Site desativado (15%)

    Site desativado (15%)

  5. Erros (8%)

    Erros (8%)

  6. Login (7%)

    Login (7%)

Mapa ao vivo de interrupções

As últimas reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas vieram de

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City Problem Type Report Time
United StatesPlainfield Falha de aplicativo
United StatesPlainfield Falha de aplicativo
United KingdomManchester Recursos Online
United KingdomDartford Falha do dispositivo
United StatesPlainfield Falha de aplicativo
United StatesPlainfield Falha de aplicativo
Map Mapa de Falhas e Interrupções Completo

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Ring

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:

  • RonaldBarnhoorn Ronald (@RonaldBarnhoorn) relatou um problema

    @ring Are the servers down again?

  • BarnsH Barn (@BarnsH) relatou um problema

    @ring is your service down again ? Cannot open ring app , it did work after your outage but has gone down again!

  • Linglindaband Charles Lin (@Linglindaband) relatou um problema

    @ring receive connection error,is AWS down again?

  • AlectayPS2 ALGal56 (@AlectayPS2) relatou um problema

    @ring hey system appears to be down again.

  • mattmaso matt (@mattmaso) relatou um problema

    @ring Your service is down again! The second time in three days! What the hell is going on?!?! Is there a possibility to get a refund for all the stuff I bought from you? I'm super disappointed!

  • m_ripberger Mike Ripberger (@m_ripberger) relatou um problema

    @ring your service is down. Making it hard to leave my house

  • dharding David Harding (@dharding) relatou um problema

    @ring wtf is going on? Has your service gone down again? Just as I’m trying to move devices onto a new network. Now stuck with nothing working, getting your useless something went wrong error in the app. FFS this is the second outage on about 3 days

  • IMPAarif iAarif (@IMPAarif) relatou um problema

    @Ring Is down Again Again….????? Very frustrating….. Big security issue, please fix asap.@awscloud @amazon #RingdoorBell #camera

  • sealjason1980 shootlevelpar (@sealjason1980) relatou um problema

    @ring can’t create an account for to an unknown error in my email.. did the wife’s email and can’t verify the link.. this doorbell service is ****!

  • Jaythestingray Jaythestingray (@Jaythestingray) relatou um problema

    @ring is down again. I also want to note that my @googlenest service has worked this entire time. Will I be refunded for the down time?

  • MichaelSFuchs Mike Fuchs (@MichaelSFuchs) relatou um problema

    @ring being down twice within a week is unacceptable. What is causing these issues?

  • GamingWithNep DoctorGameRepair (@GamingWithNep) relatou um problema

    @ring third outage in a week.

  • stevo0611 Steven (@stevo0611) relatou um problema

    @ring Hello, my Ring app (in the UK) says that it has a temporary issue and is not able to access my dashboard or any video history. Is this a known issue as the status says all is operational?

  • hiddenstyvles Winter (@hiddenstyvles) relatou um problema

    @ring You need to fix your app.

  • dhughes20 MeatGrease (@dhughes20) relatou um problema

    @Real_Alex_Y @ring Down here too

  • Jayne720 Jayne (@Jayne720) relatou um problema

    @ring Down. Again.

  • spsduncan Steve (@spsduncan) relatou um problema

    @Real_Alex_Y @ring Yep, mine is down also. Same problem as last week.

  • LloydEBennett Lloyd E. Bennett Esq (@LloydEBennett) relatou um problema

    @ring @pink_dottie Is it me or is the system down again?

  • Heathbarz Heath (@Heathbarz) relatou um problema

    @ring my service is down. No cameras are loading.

  • chem_manish Manish Kumar (@chem_manish) relatou um problema

    @ring systems down again??? App and the website both are not loading!

  • gem0386 Gemma (@gem0386) relatou um problema

    @ring @astoriarunner Agreed @ring however your whole system has gone down again! No cameras, no alarm system.

  • neese_zack Zack Neese (@neese_zack) relatou um problema

    @ring is down again today. Joy.

  • JTrademarc ♜♚ᴊᴛʀᴀᴅᴇᴍᴀʀᴄ♚♜ (@JTrademarc) relatou um problema

    @ring what is going on again with the app? Keep getting a connection error, "Couldn't load locations" screen. This is starting to happen to often now 😤

  • hiddenstyvles Winter (@hiddenstyvles) relatou um problema

    @ring @amazon You do know when y’all shut down like that. It messes up the ring camera on our ends and then we have to buy a whole new camera. Fix your app or send us a whole new camera.

  • SimonSearson Simon Searson (@SimonSearson) relatou um problema

    @ring @Real_Alex_Y Down in the UK at the moment. This is unacceptable now - we pay for a service and you're seemingly unable to deliver

  • HD_KSank I❤2🏍 (@HD_KSank) relatou um problema

    @ring Is everything down again? 😡 #Ring #RingDown #RingDoorbell

  • typesdragon Charles (@typesdragon) relatou um problema

    @ring is the service down in Queens, NYC? There was an AWS outage2 days ago and now this?

  • PeacedeResist86 Kylie not Jenner (@PeacedeResist86) relatou um problema

    @AITA_online @ring cameras are the worst. I worked for a City and ppl would call all the time saying someone from the City was in their yard and ask why. Ma'am. We have at least 5 utilities in the municipality over several departments. I have no idea why someone was in your yard. Nosey Karen

  • DonL____ DonL ®️ (@DonL____) relatou um problema

    @ring so the system is going down again

  • XavierRisk xavier riak (@XavierRisk) relatou um problema

    @ring are your services down again?