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O Robinhood é um aplicativo de livre negociação que permite aos investidores negociar ações, opções, fundos negociados em bolsa de valores e criptomoedas sem pagar comissões ou taxas.

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Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço Robinhood 09/20/2021 16:25

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Mapa de falhas e interrupções no serviço Robinhood

As últimas reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas vieram de:

United StatesChicago Plataforma de Negociação
United StatesGreenville Login
United StatesPonte Vedra Plataforma de Negociação
United StatesBrighton Website
United StatesFremont Website
United StatesSan Francisco Login

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Robinhood

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:
  • DeanFelicetti Dean M. Felicetti (@DeanFelicetti) relatou um problema

    @RobinhoodApp Not shutting off service when a push is on?

  • ZillaDoge DogeZilla UK 🇬🇧 (@ZillaDoge) relatou um problema

    @DogeSeeds @itsALLrisky @RobinhoodApp Cripes, you're probably right to a degree. RH need to sort their **** out ASAP or risk losing their biggest customer base.

  • rhnewens Richard Newens (@rhnewens) relatou um problema

    Hey @InTheMoneyAdam , Do you have any advice for rolling condor *********** up or down in @RobinhoodApp. Every time it throws an error or creates a new trade instead of just adjusting one side of the trade.

  • TxBleuBonnet TxBleuBonnet (@TxBleuBonnet) relatou um problema

    @RobinhoodApp Please, read your material before you post in our on the wild web. You need to fix “Yes, your!” I’m not sure if you meant “Yes, you!” & just got overzealous or what.

  • RochoCrypto Rocco Crypto $FEG $VRA #NFTs (@RochoCrypto) relatou um problema

    @RobinhoodApp Too bad our wallets aren’t

  • Naj23108356 Naj (@Naj23108356) relatou um problema

    @RobinhoodApp **** the IPO we need wallet

  • Plummer2022 Jeff Plummer for Senate 2022 (@Plummer2022) relatou um problema

    @RobinhoodApp fiddling with crypto prices as their displayed is something. Shows me $Doge approaching .215 around 1130am. It hasn't been that high since 930am. Wtf.

  • _FabrizzioM_ Fabrizzinho (@_FabrizzioM_) relatou um problema

    @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood YOU ARE ALL ******* USELESS WHY IS THERE NO SUPPORT

  • yolcu88888 crypto world (@yolcu88888) relatou um problema

    @homenodesite @RobinhoodApp Won’t help price 262t token is to much price won’t go up

  • AuntGreg Greg's Aunt Karen (@AuntGreg) relatou um problema

    @vladtenev @RobinhoodApp I could probably knit the damn things faster, but seriously... what are you people doing over there? 🙄

  • MEROCKI MEROCKI® (@MEROCKI) relatou um problema


  • FuboBull FuboBull (@FuboBull) relatou um problema


  • chicago_grow Dog e goD (@chicago_grow) relatou um problema

    @OP_4196 @mike47763099 @RobinhoodApp Oh, BELIEVE ME I know... but it would help to take a few zeros off of the price of them. That’s all I am saying. I wanna make more money not less.

  • huxleydadoge HuXLeY aka your boy! (@huxleydadoge) relatou um problema

    @ezind555 @vladtenev @RobinhoodApp Why is it a terrible exchange? Honest question! Is it because there working on the safety of millions of customers making sure there money is safe! Definitely these wallets might take some work. Not defending them! But your money and coins are safe for now. I do hope wallets come

  • iamminshawi Salman A. Minshawi (@iamminshawi) relatou um problema

    @RobinhoodApp if you care about your customer’s request please hear us now. We need #shibonRobinhood. All your competitors listed. Don’t fall behind.

  • bo06718553 itsallDoge (@bo06718553) relatou um problema

    @TDogewhisperer @RobinhoodApp @coinbase i dont consider myself stuck on robinhood. i like the app for stocks and etfs. although the doge is stuck for now i do think robinhood is good and will be good for doge in that they bring a large customer base into crypto. they also have a strong affection for doge

  • Chidzy5 Chidzy (@Chidzy5) relatou um problema

    @Thomas56710o3i @RobinhoodApp Even if The "White House" lists Shib, it'll continue disappointing unless the outrageous supply is reduced dramatically!! The Shiba teams have not even started, not until Shib supply comes down to like Billions.

  • RSPB_ RSPB (@RSPB_) relatou um problema

    @ShibaInuHodler @RobinhoodApp @krakenfx #shib has been the worst performing token on #coinbase all weekend. Not quite the debut everyone was hoping for. Yikes. #SHIBARMY is almost dead I think.

  • dannshere Dann Tan (@dannshere) relatou um problema

    @RobinhoodApp I created my Robinhood account here in Philippines last January 2021, now I switched to a new phone your representative told me that he will lock my account because I am not in the US. I had no problem using it before here.

  • onanoctupus The $SHIB Cryptologist 🐕 (@onanoctupus) relatou um problema

    @DelCrxpto @RobinhoodApp No. And this “letter” from Robinhood was already debunked previously. There are spelling and typographical errors in that letter. IBtimes is about as worst as it gets in news coverage, please don’t help them spread it.

  • armstagram21 Mogul408 (@armstagram21) relatou um problema

    @SNtl_89 @DelCrxpto @RobinhoodApp yeah we all want that, but best is slow steady growth. pump and dumps are never good and could cripple a coin hard.

  • rick_pedraza Rick_Pedraza (@rick_pedraza) relatou um problema

    @RorythomasM @RobinhoodApp Yeah I want a wallet damn it!

  • JhoneSnoww Basilisk (@JhoneSnoww) relatou um problema

    @DelCrxpto @RobinhoodApp We will have enormous use and burning. If you think this token is too much You calm down, we're just getting started.

  • laziestbullfrog Jeremiah Bailey (@laziestbullfrog) relatou um problema

    @DogenskyS @vladtenev @RobinhoodApp Cashing out was always possible and never the issue. The issue is not being able to use your crypto as it is meant to be used. That is as a peer to peer currency. That is the real power of cryptocurrency.

  • DogenskyS Dogensky Sashimi (@DogenskyS) relatou um problema

    @laziestbullfrog @vladtenev @RobinhoodApp The reason people is not “being able to cash out “ is stupid since you could easily cash out ;)

  • phillzillar DiamondPaws (@phillzillar) relatou um problema

    @RobinhoodApp For the long term holders of SHIB that are 80% down from may please list us in you exchange so we can all stop drinking ourselves into oblivion !

  • DelCrxpto Del Crxpto (@DelCrxpto) relatou um problema

    @Therealshibafa1 @RobinhoodApp Digital assets spend over 2/3’s of the time down… something savy crypto investors are comfortable with.

  • Jin_105 Jin (@Jin_105) relatou um problema

    @ShibaInuHodler @RobinhoodApp @krakenfx listed is also useless, the price goes up for a while and then goes down again

  • dkcihu654 three dots... (@dkcihu654) relatou um problema

    @vladtenev @RobinhoodApp The sooner wallet, the sooner I can leave your terrible app behind. #banPFOF

  • salamkhepri DuppyDestroyer (@salamkhepri) relatou um problema

    @coinbase **** you for doing business with the feds !! ICE & DEA & IRS ?!!! ******* spineless. Yuck. I'ma have to stick to @Gemini I guess... @RobinhoodApp you guys suck too.