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O Star Wars Battlefront II é um videogame de tiro de ação baseado na franquia de filmes Star Wars de 2017. É a quarta parte da série Star Wars: Battlefront e a sétima no geral, e uma sequela do reboot de 2015 da série. Disponível para Playstation 4, Xbox One e Windows.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 problemas nas últimas 24 horas

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Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço Star Wars Battlefront 2 10/28/2021 08:15

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Problemas mais relatados:

  • Jogo online 58.33% Jogo online
  • Login 25.81% Login
  • Matchmaking 8.60% Matchmaking
  • Falhas 3.49% Falhas
  • Falha no jogo 2.69% Falha no jogo
  • Hacks / Cheats 1.08% Hacks / Cheats

Mapa de falhas e interrupções no serviço Star Wars Battlefront 2

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CanadaSherwood Park Jogo online
ColombiaBogotá Jogo online
United StatesIrvine Jogo online
United StatesAylett Jogo online
United KingdomNorth Walsham Jogo online
AustraliaBrisbane Jogo online

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Star Wars Battlefront 2

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  • SavageDBZeke Zeké (@SavageDBZeke) relatou um problema


  • TXSportNOutdoor Houston Sports and TX Outdoors (@TXSportNOutdoor) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars Is this an accouncement that BF2 is getting live service again? (Satire)

  • judalillight671 Powreful (@judalillight671) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars This account tweets about a game they never played or tested. Ended live support when it was needed most. Hero abilities are broken, speeders are still a problem, supercharged sentries are broken again and Many INVINCIBILITY glitches plaguing the game

  • InOfItself1 In & Of Itself (@InOfItself1) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars Every time you all post about Battlefront it is a slap in the face to all of us! How about you fix the glitches and take care of all the cheaters on PS4!

  • TrueGonkDroid Gonk (@TrueGonkDroid) relatou um problema

    @sharp7358 @Ollie7541 @EAStarWars half true, they spent a lot of that time fixing their broken pay to win system that the game launched with. after that, they earned a little respect from me by adding fan favorites, although they should’ve been in the game at launch. classic ea.

  • TheBountyGroup Sandrocket (@TheBountyGroup) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars Come back and fix Finn glitch

  • lucasvdberg073 Lucasvdberg073 (@lucasvdberg073) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars Fix the bugs in the game they stay keep comming more and more and we want battlefront III

  • epicducksauce Hasani (@epicducksauce) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars Resume support just to patch the finn glitch please!

  • ttvrobocorpse robocorpse (@ttvrobocorpse) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars Heads up. Your most recent ~5 gb update on steam is causing users with AMD chipset based raid arrays to crash. I have documented the issue. If you would like more info please let me know.

  • antoniohatake antonio arenas (@antoniohatake) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars @primegaming @EA_DICE i know battlefront 2 is an old game but for god sake every damn 5 supremacy i play i got ddos WTF, dont let your games died just like titanfall 2!!!!!

  • rrgaming21 The Rough Riders Gaming Community (@rrgaming21) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars hey guys, I realize this is a pretty old game at this point but PLEASE, for the love of god and all that is holy, fix your damn match making! Level 50s should NOT be matched with level 999s.

  • juanoliveros87 juan oliveros (@juanoliveros87) relatou um problema

    @StarWarsEsports @EAStarWars A ver cuándo meteis para preferencia de bando en flotas. Me salió 6 veces seguidas imperial necesito jugar como replubica me cansé y abandone y me penalizaron. Pero es un fallo vuestro.

  • kelleighohara83 Kelleigh O'Hara (she/her) (@kelleighohara83) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars @EAHelp @EA_DICE Unbalanced teams make for a bad experience all night long. Fix your ****.

  • Flipery1 Flipery (@Flipery1) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars @primegaming Fix the servers

  • ExRev ExRev (@ExRev) relatou um problema

    @hulu keeps acting up, so guess I’ll try playing @EAStarWars BF2. Servers down. Ffs.

  • tulkuss Tulkus (@tulkuss) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars Battlefront 2 just straight up not working. @EAStarWars @EA

  • 97jondavis Jonathan Thomas (@97jondavis) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars Fix your game. Battlefront 2's "vision" is not "complete". Fix the bugs before you make a new Star Wars game. Good God

  • OldBen1 Old Ben (@OldBen1) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars @primegaming Hackers have been dominating BF2 servers for a week now. Fix your **** you lazy *****. Feel free to add in some new content too as an apology for being ******* useless

  • MarinaNT86 Marina (@MarinaNT86) relatou um problema

    @oOEdeaOo @EAStarWars La intención la tienen. Eso no es pro preservacion, ni pro consumidor en caso de los videojuegos. Series, películas o música, son fáciles de preservar aún desde un servicio de streaming. Un videojuego, no. Aparte de que monopolizar formato digital es peligroso de cara a ofertas.

  • hameed_shahir Shahir Hameed (He/Him) (@hameed_shahir) relatou um problema

    @sw_holocron @EAStarWars Haven't finished the story mode campaign yet. My PC has issues

  • EADeadSpace Dead Space Universe (@EADeadSpace) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars @primegaming We need Dead Space 2 & 3 Remake.DS3 reboot would be better. But I don't have problem And then give us Dead Space 4. Make it like Resident Evil game series. We want VR support. We also want Dead Space Extraction Reamke. Make a game based on All Dead Space Novel and comic books.

  • MichaelLakeArt The Art Of Michael Lake (@MichaelLakeArt) relatou um problema

    @ABrokenTV_ @EAStarWars @primegaming And I paid for this game as well. No excuse why they can't fix it.

  • L_Watson24 L. Watson (@L_Watson24) relatou um problema

    @swshriv @EAStarWars @primegaming Same, they’d have to make it live service though so the game doesn’t immediately die again lol

  • ghostface_n7 Ghostface N7 (@ghostface_n7) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars @primegaming You Guys killed the Service of Battlefront 2, at the Pinnacle of it's Existence. What a dumb Move. So, no thank you, you can keep it

  • inSTANity924 stan johnson (@inSTANity924) relatou um problema

    Ok @XboxSupport here’s another issue I’ve just discovered. @EAStarWars #StarWarsJediFallenOrder I am unable to save my game. Discovered that all my save data is gone. I have 24 hours in this game, where’s my save data?!?!

  • DDeibel Derek Deibel (@DDeibel) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars EA games are trash lately. BF2 drop was a disaster and it took two years to somewhat fix. I'm sure it will be rehashed and packaged as something else.

  • TravisTrixta Travis Gough (@TravisTrixta) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars I think we’d all prefer quality servers that don’t cause the worst lag I have ever experienced in a game. Ever.

  • dxxmslayer Beanded (@dxxmslayer) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars servers down?

  • SJ_Sidekick SJ (@SJ_Sidekick) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars Any fix coming for the Star Wars Squadrons Server issues?

  • Sextocity 😈🥶 (@Sextocity) relatou um problema

    @EAStarWars Just deleted and refunded your games until you fix the servers 😮‍💨