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Tom Clancy's The Division 2 é um jogo de tiro em terceira pessoa de mundo aberto, desenvolvido pela Ubisoft Massive e publicado pela Ubisoft, com assistência da Red Storm Entertainment. O jogo está disponível para Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One.

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Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço The Division 2 09/20/2021 15:45

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  • Login 43.30% Login
  • Jogo online 32.65% Jogo online
  • Falha no jogo 14.78% Falha no jogo
  • Falhas 8.25% Falhas
  • Hacks / Cheats .69% Hacks / Cheats
  • Matchmaking .34% Matchmaking

Mapa de falhas e interrupções no serviço The Division 2

As últimas reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas vieram de:

ChileSan Bernardo Falha no jogo
GermanyLeipzig Falha no jogo
MexicoGuadalupe Falha no jogo
United StatesHamburg Login
United StatesWaterville Login
United StatesSilver Spring Jogo online

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço The Division 2

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:
  • DrLukeTheDuke Dr LukeTheDuke (@DrLukeTheDuke) relatou um problema

    @Slay3r881 @TheDivisionGame @rogue_gold hhahah I was sweaty! ahhaha towards the end of the night I was yelling, ******* lag, he wasn't even shooting at me, and I hit that medkit! hahhaa

  • Rochdalebuddha Eddie brown (@Rochdalebuddha) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame Fixing issues and not releasing new content, I wish you'd pop into the dz so I could pop you in the napper

  • rusty4104 Rusty (@rusty4104) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame Will this patch help nvidia gpu glitch? Or the random screen going black and the game going to windowed mode? The only fix is to restart the pc. Happened to me 3 times last night.

  • Darren_Davies87 darren davies (@Darren_Davies87) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame Why you don't fix ****, all you do is make things worse, the summit still has empty rooms, has ****** loot drops on higher difficulty, Yet you expect player ls to avatars and **** wars

  • vwdaz Darren (@vwdaz) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame hi, the game has suddenly developed a glitch with the floor everytime I load. XBOX One format. Tried power cycle, reconfigure of wifi and disconnect and reconnect of HDMI cable. Still same glitch everytime. Any ideas?

  • ASmurfyDreamer Ryan 🐝 (@ASmurfyDreamer) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame Finally fixing 2 of the major issues in PVP AT LAST!!

  • LisaGiannotti Lisa Giannotti (@LisaGiannotti) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame Servers down?

  • StevenFox__ Steven Fox (@StevenFox__) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame on the classified nightclub mission, the original door that I walked through isn’t open for me. So now I can’t get to the golden lounge and get the backpack trophy. Is this just a glitch? Do I have to replay it?

  • NPhryme Nickko RC (@NPhryme) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame And, before anyone says why am I playing this game still is an answer that… DOESN’T FIX THE ******* GAME! Stop using the same stupid redundant answer that doesn’t fix the problems. It starts being fix when people stop giving them a pass. I love this game, but it got issues!

  • NPhryme Nickko RC (@NPhryme) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame Picking up turret becomes bugged or the turrets falls into object unable to pick up. Drones before WLONY weren’t bug, reviver hive still broken, stinger doesn’t stinger, skills on constant CD, guns become jam, and movement mechanics become bug. I can name more, but!

  • NPhryme Nickko RC (@NPhryme) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame Since launch to now—the game and the devs aren’t the issues only: it’s the players too. To satisfy in different areas does not fix the QOL of the game. It’s divided for ex, Imagine being there from the start to have a new cat say nothing wrong here, which is bullshit to a veteran

  • Dripenstein GhostiBoi👻 (@Dripenstein) relatou um problema

    @marcosdiboa @TheDivisionGame This thing is straight broken lmao

  • ARed075 AgentRed075 (@ARed075) relatou um problema

    @AgentStageWorks @TheDivisionGame @UbiMassive I really should try to do some photography of my agents, but my ps4 has a blurring issue

  • princesampene Richie Sam (@princesampene) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame Fix your game… enemies shoot through walls 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Jamie_ORourke Jamie O'Rourke (@Jamie_ORourke) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame Hey, can you fix the Summit commendation bug where it won't checkoff as complete even when complete? "Summit Combat Mastery Merit commendation" PS5 I'm trying to complete everything and it's a pain in the ***. It's been broken for over a year Also, 300 ascents is so tedious 😭

  • diottii Diottii (@diottii) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame The game has been stuttering very badly since the server maintenance two days ago, I'm not comfortable playing in this condition, please fix it!

  • diottii Diottii (@diottii) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame i live in asia region but why is your server connecting it to australian region? please fix this, I'm sick of your bad server.

  • Vansbm VansBM⚒ 🌈 (@Vansbm) relatou um problema

    @lilmissfiend @TheDivisionGame Wall hacks and lag/aimbots seem to be the thing

  • xSEATHESTARSx xSEATHESTARSx (@xSEATHESTARSx) relatou um problema

    @EpicSlay3rs @YouTube @TheDivisionGame I don’t know who ever started this rumor about content dropping in December but look back at the history books….has Massive ever dropped anything ever in December? Plus, possibly with them all on holiday, do we want a game breaking glitch like the turret in WONY?

  • alanmcneice777 Alan McNeice (@alanmcneice777) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame has anyone noticed the major glitch in the game? Where you can go to the shooting range and get headshot kill points .

  • wazzafab Warren Fabricius (@wazzafab) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame I'm getting Ubisoft services not available at the moment - Bravo-04 error. Are there known issues? #ubisoft #division2 #bravoerrors

  • vpinkwolfv vPinkWolfv (@vpinkwolfv) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame Is there an issue with fast travaling? I tried to the other day and it just got stuck on loading screen? Had to restart

  • minhngu94567617 minh nguyen (@minhngu94567617) relatou um problema

    @UbisoftSupport @TheDivisionGame Im having lots of connectivity issues today. Suffice to say it is making the game unplayable at the moment.

  • ForsakenElite08 Brian Whiting (@ForsakenElite08) relatou um problema

    @isme_tweets @TheDivisionGame Since I run the Nemesis as my main for the build it if the Aces build mostly. Got to login and check what my talents fully are again, been a while.

  • johnathon_boro Johnathon boro (@johnathon_boro) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame Please fix the servers conflict is so broken on console. Bullets don't register the lag is horrible and constantly hitting invisible walls. My internet is amazing on other games so i know it's not on my end

  • NorbertSzklenar Nobby (@NorbertSzklenar) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame What about the ladder glitch ? When you will fix that ?

  • Werner89137725 Werner (@Werner89137725) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame First fix the game, the scaling is way to high. Stop the bullshit and scale down the dmg of the npc's you fuckups 😡🖕

  • GilSnake Snakegil (@GilSnake) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame And what about hives that stop working ? IT HAPPENS FREQUENTLY, do something, fix your game :/

  • Yondaime024 BuddyBlades117🍩💧 (@Yondaime024) relatou um problema

    @TheDivisionGame Kenley College mission is not working properly. The part where you have to disable the power sources the room with the blue wire wont let you enter the room then says you are out of bounds then kicks you out. Plz fix

  • AgentD0T 🇵🇷☣ Agent Dot ⭕🇵🇷 (@AgentD0T) relatou um problema

    @jefferraro @TheDivisionGame Woah wtf