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A Trading 212 é uma corretora online fundada em 2006 que oferece negociação de ações, forex, commodities, índices e muito mais.

Problemas nas últimas 24 horas

O gráfico a seguir mostra o número de reclamações sobre falha no serviço Trading 212 que recebemos por hora do dia nas últimas 24 horas. Consideramos que há uma interrupção quando o número de reclamações é maior do que a linha de base, representada pela linha vermelha.

Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço Trading 212 06/21/2024 19:15

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Problemas mais relatados

A seguir estão os problemas mais recentes relatados pelos usuários da Trading 212 em nosso site.

  1. Plataforma de Negociação (37%)

    Plataforma de Negociação (37%)

  2. Login (34%)

    Login (34%)

  3. Website (26%)

    Website (26%)

  4. Retiradas (1%)

    Retiradas (1%)

  5. Depósitos (1%)

    Depósitos (1%)

Mapa ao vivo de interrupções

As últimas reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas vieram de

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City Problem Type Report Time
United KingdomJohnstone Depósitos
United KingdomDerby Plataforma de Negociação
United KingdomDerby Plataforma de Negociação
NetherlandsZoetermeer Retiradas
SpainValladolid Website
United KingdomDalkeith Plataforma de Negociação
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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Trading 212

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:

  • Martinaliyo Thomas Martinali (@Martinaliyo) relatou um problema

    @uklowey @Trading212 Fix rate buddy use the drop down under returns

  • Paisa45313497 Paisa (@Paisa45313497) relatou um problema

    Wtf is with this broker platform my order is pending for 2 hrs straight what ******** @Trading212 sort ur **** out please. I have lost many profits cause of ur pending slow *** bull ****. Easy way to scam ******** out of peoples money.

  • theresapelegano theresa blue state girl (@theresapelegano) relatou um problema

    @Archerinvests @Trading212 Is the problem you are going for no commission fee brokers? I had this stuff happen to me on Weebull. I figure you get what you pay for. Now I'm on Etrade

  • YPMUFC YP (@YPMUFC) relatou um problema

    @FSTrades I wish I could avg mine down loads but the fraudsters @Trading212 don't let us

  • Exuptoy Lyn Darkes (@Exuptoy) relatou um problema

    @kurtisjpack @WILLFURU @Trading212 My bad, sry guys, never noticed.

  • Darren57910098 Darren (@Darren57910098) relatou um problema

    $hcmc anyone else on trading212 have problems buying this had a order pending for about 2 hours now???

  • FuzzyUnited YoungTrader (@FuzzyUnited) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 Hey @Trading212 I placed an order for $Oak for Long term and as soon as I ordered it got cancelled even though I didn’t cancel and it’s saying I put in €8,000 even though I didn’t making me lose €300 any way you can help or explain to me why it canceled

  • cooltigerx The Tiger (@cooltigerx) relatou um problema

    $GAXY ✅ False rumor by @Trading212 yesterday caused drop in the price, after confrontation they decided to tweet that they never questioned GAXY compliance ✅ We requested IR, @Galaxy_Next_Gen to get an interview with @Magen_McGaheeG2 to address these issues. Stay tuned!

  • Martinaliyo Thomas Martinali (@Martinaliyo) relatou um problema

    @uklowey @Trading212 All down to fix rate

  • BenWils58439353 Ben Wilson (@BenWils58439353) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 when you first added $GAXY it was worth more than you allowed you jerks. You are gonna find in a very bad way for you who you are messing with!

  • shaun_r01 Shaun (@shaun_r01) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 What's going on with $GAXY, has your position changed as many think its human error. Can someone look into this to confirm, also if it is to remain restricted. Will it stay on T212 for people to hold and sell later?

  • DannyBrewster Danny Brewster (@DannyBrewster) relatou um problema

    @GeorgeMccaughey @LeighsPortfolio @Trading212 If the price is unrealistic you wouldnt be stupid enough to buy it in the first place and have the common sense to realise rhe mistake

  • TeeRareofficial Ter-er kusu Orkar (@TeeRareofficial) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 Please rectify the $ATVK trading issue that is happening, this is completely unfair.

  • Langerbanger321 Dale Lang (@Langerbanger321) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 You can afford to get a phone number and give proper customer service now then?

  • eldoggy85 Eldoggy85 (@eldoggy85) relatou um problema

    @JDuncan1987 @Trading212 Why are they in business if they can't provide the service?

  • UniTrader1 IbuyOffsetBirkins (@UniTrader1) relatou um problema

    Anyone else have trouble with @Trading212 price alerts? It always tells me a stock is at my alert despite the price being nowhere near ??

  • PlaguedWonder PlaguedWonder (@PlaguedWonder) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 @Magen_McGaheeG2 @Galaxy_Next_Gen Keep in mind during this time of restricted buying, it looks as if some big shorts took the stock down last couple days. MM running the show? We need to make more noise about this situation and gather a retail trader army and get our money back! 🚀🌊💵🐲

  • uklowey Ste (@uklowey) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 HI Can you tell me why my stocks are down when they are above my buy line ? For example I have screen shot of one of my stocks bought at 17.14 it's now 17.44 and I am still down 30 pounds ? How is that possible I should be in the green. This is on all my stocks lately

  • WILLFURU The ***** Stonk Man (@WILLFURU) relatou um problema

    @finscott6 Same reason it dropped hard yesterday. @Trading212 issues haven't been fixed

  • indexstudent FOOTIE FAN FI (@indexstudent) relatou um problema

    @KumbullaMonty @Trading212 Yeah it’s annoyingly slow

  • sbolger234 Sbolger (@sbolger234) relatou um problema

    All my stocks green today yet @Trading212 showing me down from yesterday. You guys really do suck so bad. #Trading212

  • GeorgeMccaughey George McCaughey (@GeorgeMccaughey) relatou um problema

    @DannyBrewster @LeighsPortfolio @Trading212 It was literally just added to 212 when I bought it, I wasn't going to go off and triple check everything when the UKs "most trusted" trading service lists it. It wouldn't go through anyone's mind that a stock would be listed 150x cheaper than reality as well as letting me buy.

  • lipiden Lipid (@lipiden) relatou um problema

    @LeighsPortfolio @Trading212 It’s a glitch I suppose. I tried but brought it with market rate option instead of limit, and it it went through like cheese!

  • ThemisX Nikos Korompos (@ThemisX) relatou um problema

    @Aleksan08637620 @Trading212 Don’t bother, slow executions, non-existent customer service and they change the status of shares during trading hours causing people to panic and sell-off in panic

  • WillConway_ William Conway (@WillConway_) relatou um problema

    @GeorgeMccaughey @Trading212 Why would you not lookup the price of the stock elsewhere first. This is ridiculous but you can hardly complain when a 2 second google shows you it’s trading at $52

  • m_fahadnaeem Mohammad Naeem (@m_fahadnaeem) relatou um problema

    @SeengPotency @WILLFURU @Trading212 Im down

  • bdab61 Ben B (@bdab61) relatou um problema

    Currently down 30% on $CBBT would love to buy more but can’t because of @Trading212

  • FuadAbodunrin Fuad (@FuadAbodunrin) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 Despite having a demo account before the waitlist was introduced, i'm unable to gain access to it anymore. Any help?

  • Mike74193330 Mike (@Mike74193330) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 Congrats, however maybe we as customers should help you prioritize work value before it's too late? How about posting a board of ideas and problems in app, where every customer could post and vote, so you could find out what bothers us the most and prioritize work on solutions?

  • MHAsker_ MHAsker_ (@MHAsker_) relatou um problema

    Withdrew all my funds from @eToro to settle my non-crypto investment accounts before April. I'll more than likely be returning, such an easy service to use. Shame they don't have as many investment opportunities as @Trading212.