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A Trading 212 é uma corretora online fundada em 2006 que oferece negociação de ações, forex, commodities, índices e muito mais.

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Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço Trading 212 01/28/2022 19:55

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  • PlantBasedApe - 2 + (@PlantBasedApe) relatou um problema

    Anyone know of any spread betting or good CFD platforms here in the UK? I'm sick of @Trading212 they always give us the worst price, I need a new one for me and the family

  • simonamtonia Simon (@simonamtonia) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 I need help! I’ve withdrawn funds to an account I no longer have! The online chat bot can’t help

  • sloan_phil Phil Sloan (@sloan_phil) relatou um problema

    @TheUKStockTrad1 @Trading212 I should add I hold most of my #DGI9 with @ii_couk and they were able to pay the dividend on the due date of 23/12/21…Will be offloading my T212 tranche at a convenient point once they’ve solved whatever issue they seemingly have…

  • sloan_phil Phil Sloan (@sloan_phil) relatou um problema

    @TheUKStockTrad1 Totally agree. @Trading212 are woefully late (over a month!) with a dividend payment on a tranche of #DGI9 I hold with them. Selling can be slow too. I now use them solely for 🇺🇸 stocks.

  • astro_greek 🚀FabulousTechnodoge🔴 (@astro_greek) relatou um problema

    @ThatsABigTen4 @Trading212 Damn,I created my account 1 month before the GME/AMC thing,maybe find a different app if u cant wait any longer(I would if I were u)

  • eazymneysniper 《nomad》 (@eazymneysniper) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 Hello, I forgot my 4 digit passcode to use trading212 on my phone. how can I reset it considering the fact that Im on my last attempt to write it in. appreciate any help. @trading212

  • Freedom4N Freedom4Naija (@Freedom4N) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 can someone speak to me please? I have been debited and the instant deposit isn’t reflecting. Your team can’t find the deposit even with the reference number. I want my money back please. This is awful, I can’t transact when I want to and my money is gone? Really!!!

  • Freedom4N Freedom4Naija (@Freedom4N) relatou um problema

    @Daolsa @Trading212 Very awful! Imagine been told my deposit can’t be traced after debiting my account? I have lost confidence on the platform and I want my money back. The chat service is not helpful

  • Rammy_553 Ramesh Pun (@Rammy_553) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 @Darkhairedguy Why is the server down

  • mark_adg Mark Sears (@mark_adg) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 Just wondering why I've had no data on HCMC stock for ages, online it says it's gone up but my % has changed for a long time and no available data, any help @Trading212 ?

  • Sup3rNov4_OG Sup3rNov4 (@Sup3rNov4_OG) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 my cfd account was down £8 at the market close yesterday i have just awoken to -£12 how is this possible please explain. I have checked all my trades markets are still closed. Dont try the exchange rate rubbish as that has also gone in my favour.

  • hugoprh Hugo Henrique (@hugoprh) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 your APIs are not updating (again) this always happens when US as a holiday, the next day we don't have the "Winner" and "Loser" tabs for US market and new IPO not showing $TKLF fix your apps please, I could have mate a lot of money today... Thanks again...

  • FHTrades F🚀 (@FHTrades) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 Your web app is so bad at execution.

  • Daolsa David (@Daolsa) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 still waiting for the answer of my request of leaving the broker... Awful service

  • Th_Dm4570 Thomas_Demaldé 🌐💛💙🌐 (@Th_Dm4570) relatou um problema

    @cryptokuro (Considerando il lag che caratterizza Trading212 mi è andata benissimo)

  • robman827 Robman827 (@robman827) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 Any idea when you will be letting customers open an account with you? I've been trying for the best part of 12 months and each time it says new customer accounts are suspended at 5his time. Thanks

  • BornInvestor Irish Born Investor (@BornInvestor) relatou um problema

    @DarraghCrowley2 Trading212 for the autoinvest thing. You can’t put it in his name in Ireland because well….it’s Ireland. That is an an issue that ill just have to deal with down the road I guess.

  • trolliebobs Trolliebobs (@trolliebobs) relatou um problema

    @Antonio_Feraldo @money_zg All the time there's folk harping on about the money they've made out of $hitcoins, new retail will keep buying them. It doesn't help that the most "accessible" conspicuous trading sites (e-toro/Trading212) are the ones promoting them... ...well after they've pumped.

  • IanRich65622267 Ian R #rubystillmissing (@IanRich65622267) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 Hi @Trading212 , after contacting computershare, they have told me to contact you guys as our holdings are not named individually. They are happy to look into the issue if you contact them re #tils $tlsa. How about it?

  • 0xabcdeff jarekdz (@0xabcdeff) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 I just wonder why it's not supported. You support incoming transfers... Seems like a business decision to discourage customers from leaving. Can you shed some light on reasoning behind your decision?

  • Dabasinskas Tomas Dabasinskas (@Dabasinskas) relatou um problema

    @StockMKTNewz No support for @Trading212 ?

  • OnlyOneVirginie Virginie (@OnlyOneVirginie) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 I cannot withdraw my funds as I have an expired direct card listed as the only option for receiving my withdrawals. I have added my new debit card by making a small deposit. But this is not working, those options appear under deposit but not 4 withdrawal. Please help!

  • DividendDrip DrippingAway (@DividendDrip) relatou um problema

    @Zeigh_cataleya @DivDollars @Trading212 No problem!

  • BullnotB DrfortheBears 🐻 (@BullnotB) relatou um problema

    You are scammers @Trading212 I sold some shares as soon as I placed a order the price went down and then as soon as I went to buy again the price went straight up Pure manipulation You shook me out of £4000 within seconds!!! It was so obvious I will take this further

  • LeslyJP7 JP VS WALLSTREET⚪️ (@LeslyJP7) relatou um problema

    @BirdmanE87 Let me tag @Trading212 to remind them how easy they got off in January and if they ever do that again what’s going to happen 😐I’ll be filing complaints if the buy button is gone or the app goes down when $AMC & $GME starts going up.

  • LeslyJP7 JP VS WALLSTREET⚪️ (@LeslyJP7) relatou um problema

    @BirdmanE87 Let me tag @Trading212 to remind them how easy they off and if they ever do that again what’s going to happen 😐I’ll be filing complaints if the buy button is gone or the app goes down when $AMC & $GME starts going up.

  • CasparCole Caspar (@CasparCole) relatou um problema

    @burgerbennn @Trading212 The truth is most retail brokers don’t have the shares on hand.The stock is getting bought up like crazy because there are still so many averaging down from the +$300’s. Maximum pain incoming for shorts.

  • burgerbennn ben (@burgerbennn) relatou um problema

    @Trading212 any other $GME / Gamestop buyers having trouble getting filled?

  • ivanburazin Ivan Burazin (@ivanburazin) relatou um problema

    @thekitze @Trading212 I use @eToro with no issues and no commission - at least when I are above the initial level.

  • inkmattic Inkmattic | Personal Finance (@inkmattic) relatou um problema

    @BrummieInvestor @Trading212 @freetrade Yeah that’s the problem I’m facing. I’m trying to make a small withdrawal but it’s proving to be very time consuming.