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A E-Trade Financial Corporation oferece uma plataforma de negociação eletrônica para negociar ativos financeiros, incluindo ações ordinárias, ações preferenciais, contratos futuros, fundos negociados em bolsa, opções, fundos mútuos e investimentos de renda fixa.

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Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:
  • uday21g Uday Gupta (@uday21g) relatou um problema

    @etrade New issues offering page not working

  • ReysJulien1 Rey's Julien🌪 (@ReysJulien1) relatou um problema

    Does @etrade have a live chat cuz I’ve been trying to reach costumer service for 3 days now with no answers

  • daveisback12 dave (@daveisback12) relatou um problema

    @jacked_trader Not until tomorrow when I have more money free lol damn u @etrade

  • gettingitcc strange times indeed (@gettingitcc) relatou um problema

    I've been on four different platforms and, by far, all things considered, @etrade is the worst. Stay away.

  • JB3Trades JB3 Trades (@JB3Trades) relatou um problema

    @etrade Did that. Been clearing cache since the last time I called for this problem. Called support and was on hold for 1:45 min. Total call length was 2 hrs. Sheesh. Uninstalled and reinstalled. We’ll see what happens

  • JB3Trades JB3 Trades (@JB3Trades) relatou um problema

    @etrade #etrade am i the only one that has problems with #etradepro?? im in a trade and my chart and time of sale is lagging behind the actual price!!! 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • ClubFuturists Futurists Billionaire Club (@ClubFuturists) relatou um problema

    @etrade How much like you get per by listing - $4 stock on people account... That's so stupid...

  • mySanctuaries NoMad (@mySanctuaries) relatou um problema

    @etrade I can't sign in to my account. I don't know why. I need to make sure a hacker isn't draining my account. And my expected wait time is 60 MINUTES! This is inexcusable!

  • Daisy18782977 Daisy (@Daisy18782977) relatou um problema

    @AMCbiggums @etrade 1. I'm old 2. I have less than 20 shares of AMC only because I wanted to help beat big money 3. I have no clue what you're talking about but 4. If it helps things then please - tell me again like I'm 5.

  • AMCbiggums AMCbiggums (@AMCbiggums) relatou um problema

    @Orva_JP_EST88 @etrade only if you send to nyse. the nyse chairmen is in bed with ken g **** the nyse. do nasdaq or iex

  • PeterRHann1 Peter R Hann (@PeterRHann1) relatou um problema

    @Christalball93 @AMCbiggums @etrade Yeah, sorry I have been asked about this myself and because I use Interactive Brokers I assumed it wasn't a problem for Canadians.

  • Beemo723 Chris Beeman (@Beemo723) relatou um problema

    @BretBaier Big fan, been on @etrade and can’t get my money from them. Any chance you can help?

  • DaronCDavis D. Carson Davis (@DaronCDavis) relatou um problema

    @ApeShit84 @AMCbiggums @etrade I find the UX on all of them pretty bad, especially compared to Webull. I've slowly gotten used to TOS and Fidelity ATP and now use them both. But I'll admit Fidelity is sometimes painfully slow

  • RockNRollTaboo Rock N Roll Taboo (@RockNRollTaboo) relatou um problema

    @etrade 2 HOUR Wait Time Trying To Get ETRADE Customer Service?~~>>>NOT GOOD!

  • FullSend25 Daniel Kleist (@FullSend25) relatou um problema

    @AMCbiggums @etrade Etrade you need to go through Etrade Pro. Etrade is just as bad as RH. They're owned by the criminal enterprise Morgan Stanley. I use Etrade simply because they have the simplest quick trading platform. You can get your trades in and make edits within split seconds.

  • imaHodl4u trust.the.process (@imaHodl4u) relatou um problema

    @AMCbiggums @etrade TD Ameritrade has the IEX option too- Use your on line acct/ My Profile / Edit Routing (drop down box, choose IEX)

  • thricerx7 RK💎 (@thricerx7) relatou um problema

    @RealJorgeRivera @Fidelity @etrade Sorry to hear that! I hope things change otherwise looking for a new broker might be in the future for you. I have been happy with Fidelity since I switched months ago, phone service is great too.

  • Stringfellowe_ Stringfellowe - (Serpico) (@Stringfellowe_) relatou um problema

    @etrade on hold for 2.5 hours. Seriously guys, this is insane. On what planet do you think this is good customer service.

  • jerrylindsay69 Jerry Lindsay (@jerrylindsay69) relatou um problema

    @AMCbiggums @etrade Biggums I just got think or swim, but I don’t see the order drop down. Am I on the right platform?

  • Timmy1310 Tim Reitberger (@Timmy1310) relatou um problema

    @etrade I sold a stock I’ve held for over 2 days and deposited money. It said funds would be available immediately and it’s being held. I called customer service but the wait time is over an hour. Please help

  • RealJorgeRivera Jorge Rivera (@RealJorgeRivera) relatou um problema

    @thricerx7 @Fidelity I wish @etrade would step up their game. They won’t answer their calls and their online support has been down for months now. 😠

  • pepesandiego Pepe (@pepesandiego) relatou um problema

    @etrade can’t wait to get my money out of there but they have more than half of my balance unavailable for trading or withdraws. Can’t get customer service to answer the phone for days

  • pepesandiego Pepe (@pepesandiego) relatou um problema

    @etrade I've been trying to contact customer service for days, can't get anyone to answer the phone it is an urgent matter, what is going on?

  • tbrusletten Passably Affable - Super-AntiRacist (@tbrusletten) relatou um problema

    @etrade has the worst customer service I've ever encountered. And I say this after having to deal with Spirit Airlines once seven years ago.

  • bssawyer87 Sauce (@bssawyer87) relatou um problema

    @Spiritus2019 @InvestorsLive @etrade 34k to 5mil in a year isn't to bad. Idk my bad schwab didn't have any shesh

  • Spiritus2019 Spiritus (@Spiritus2019) relatou um problema

    @InvestorsLive @etrade What is they worst they didnt even bother to check why the stock is 1000% up? Didn’t they invent a cure for cancer or flying car?

  • NYCKillaOR “KillaOR” (@NYCKillaOR) relatou um problema de Manhattan, New York

    @etrade Damn - y’all gonna hurt some feelings with this one lol

  • 23Masker masker_23 (@23Masker) relatou um problema

    @etrade Worst trading platform I have ever used never lets you buy and sell quickly, takes forever to allow for a transaction to be done to have purchasing power again, and if you ever have to call customer service expect an hour or more long wait before you talk to a human being.

  • Gcon2036 Gregory Conroy (@Gcon2036) relatou um problema

    @etrade the pass 3 days i been trying to get support for my account. The message is your wait time is greater then 90min. Today ingot on early and the wait time was 30min 2 hours later still on hold. The worst customer experience ever

  • CallsPuts1 Al Harristocks (@CallsPuts1) relatou um problema

    $CND 10.20's and @Etrade desktop and mobile app not working