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A IG é a maior corretora de câmbio e contratos por diferença (CFDs) do mundo. A empresa oferece acesso global a uma linha de produtos abrangente que inclui negociação de câmbio, índices de ações, ações individuais, setores de ações, commodities, criptomoedas, títulos e taxas de juros. A oferta de serviços é disponibilizada em uma variedade de plataformas de negociação baseadas na Web e para dispositivos móveis de nível profissional.

Problemas nas últimas 24 horas

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Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço IG 12/09/2023 09:25

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Problemas mais relatados

A seguir estão os problemas mais recentes relatados pelos usuários da IG em nosso site.

  1. Login (50%)

    Login (50%)

  2. Plataforma de Negociação (35%)

    Plataforma de Negociação (35%)

  3. Website (10%)

    Website (10%)

  4. Depósitos (5%)

    Depósitos (5%)

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City Problem Type Report Time
United KingdomSt Albans Login
AustraliaSydney Website
United KingdomCroydon Login
United StatesIndian Trail Plataforma de Negociação
SpainValencia Plataforma de Negociação
AustraliaPerth Login
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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço IG

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:

  • steeve_inv Steeve S (@steeve_inv) relatou um problema

    @EzIntenso @IGClientHelp Same here... even if I manage to log-in it crashes... it's ridiculous, been with IG since 2015 with no major issues but this does it. Have emailed them asking for compensation and am looking to change broker.

  • Openskies13 Openskies (@Openskies13) relatou um problema

    @observer1100 @dirossiale @IGcom Strange that .. the UK and Australia system... same issues/ same time ...m

  • Am1n0_LDN HR1234 (@Am1n0_LDN) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp you still down?

  • Bowen85AI AndY B (@Bowen85AI) relatou um problema

    @nylelevi @IGClientHelp Same, used @IGcom when it was IG trading never had a problem. I’ve won some and lost some. But this is not losing this is steeling. The big boys don’t like to take the hit and expect us to all get wiped out.

  • kasedale Kasedale (@kasedale) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp @IGSquawk service noticably deteriorating...

  • JohanDXB Johan (@JohanDXB) relatou um problema

    It took 2 whole hours to my broker @IGcom to open trading today ! Market has been open for 2 hours but I wasn't able to trade... really poor service.

  • krazouki Khalid Razouki (@krazouki) relatou um problema

    @maneco1964 @IGcom It’s an absolute disgrace. Do you think refunds / reimbursements will happen? I will 100% leave as a customer if they don’t.

  • snakesalive74 Snakes Alive (@snakesalive74) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp @IGSquawk "Some users", "intermittent"... hmmm....

  • schismmonger Generation X (@schismmonger) relatou um problema

    @IGcom Stop making excuses and beef up you servers and customer service so that they can cope with demand. I along with many others am thinking of leaving IG. You can't be down at the most volatile time. Only excuse is if the market is suspended.

  • jas251068 Jason Nicholls (@jas251068) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp Truly shocking service, no explanation offered , I’m moving away from these cowboys

  • Bowen85AI AndY B (@Bowen85AI) relatou um problema

    @Kyle_Reed @IGClientHelp Had this problem yesterday but them put a limit to my stop position so I couldn’t move it lower forcing me to with close or wait for it to close automatically. #crimewatch

  • jamsugg sam (@jamsugg) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp @IGcom App fully down for me and has been since 14:30 on the dot 🤔. And even if/when I did eventually manage to login via laptop it won’t let me trade!! Absolute shocker 🤬

  • AngeloR30700761 Angello B (@AngeloR30700761) relatou um problema

    @dirossiale @IGcom @aussieg7 Remove your cash from IG use other brokers...tried to blame my home network today when their platforms are down. Any excuses not to compensate.

  • maneco1964 maneco64 (@maneco1964) relatou um problema

    @IGcom @luxmanage1 Why don't you employ more brokers to pick up the phone when your system is down? Why not spend $1 billion employing humans and improving your systems instead of buying another online broker.

  • WaveControl1 Wave_Control (@WaveControl1) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp This was an issue on the USA open but I'm logged in now. Hopefully this doesn't happen again. I got a taste what Robinhood folks are going through.

  • DavidPe37451789 David Peterson (@DavidPe37451789) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp Terrible service recently. 2nd time in 2 days and happening more and more often. No one answering the phones and a live chat that no one responds to. What goodwill gesture will you offer to stop me going elsewhere because I'm out of pocket over the last 2 days?

  • euancharles Euan.fi (@euancharles) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp I am logged in but the mobile platform displays "service connection failure" and desktop will not accept position edits... How many people will lose money (again) because your infrastructure is not fit for purpose...

  • sarahjennings01 Sas (@sarahjennings01) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp @IGcom Service has been terrible... no access at all. Thinking of going to #uniswap

  • AngeloR30700761 Angello B (@AngeloR30700761) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp Are you joking your whole global server is down since 2.30 UK, Singapore platform. Not just me either.

  • frinton63 JAN (@frinton63) relatou um problema

    @IGcom Terrible service from a terrible company , I’m moving

  • jarkko120 Jarkko Havas (@jarkko120) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp Please inform your clients what is the reason for these continued issues this week, and how you plan to avoid these going forward. The uncertainty around this happening again is an incentive to find other trading platforms.

  • shabakNuke shabak (@shabakNuke) relatou um problema

    @Openskies13 @IGcom Contact FCA - tell them about situation and fill complain (someone here already gave this advice). On dip I could buy shares for 100k as i like the stock - because of them I could not. Lots of money lost 🤓 And hold it :D #GME #TheFCA

  • TheMoneySponge 💰 𝑺𝒑𝒐𝒏𝒈𝒆 💰 (@TheMoneySponge) relatou um problema

    @TheDumbBunny1 @IGClientHelp yep you need to limit new accounts until you can scale the app to cope, existing users not getting the service they are paying for and puts us at risk PS: Do send this on to the people that need to read it please

  • EquityInvestme2 Equity Investments (@EquityInvestme2) relatou um problema

    @Rseabiscuit @IGClientHelp @TheFCA Maybe. IT issues also down to volatility with dealing with large volume orders and being able to settle the orders - money flow. So easier for them to 'turn off the system' and let them catchup back office.

  • mojn89 Origami lover (@mojn89) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp @IGcom *correction* not some users but almost every user. your service is becoming poorer each time there is a volatility on US stocks. I hope people file a law suit against your restrictions on purchases of GME and AMC stocks from the past couple of days.

  • Titan1234M titan1234M (@Titan1234M) relatou um problema


  • steeve_inv Steeve S (@steeve_inv) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp @IGcom It's ridiculous, they spent 1 Billion to buy US TastyTrade this month, make tons of money from 75% of retail loosing money and STILL can't handle current traffic or fix 3-day issue...

  • dirossiale Ale (@dirossiale) relatou um problema


  • mojn89 Origami lover (@mojn89) relatou um problema

    @IGcom Poor service

  • PureRogue369 PureRogue369 (@PureRogue369) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp An English language EU call line number for existing clients please. Below not working Existing clients: +35 318 009 95364