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A IG é a maior corretora de câmbio e contratos por diferença (CFDs) do mundo. A empresa oferece acesso global a uma linha de produtos abrangente que inclui negociação de câmbio, índices de ações, ações individuais, setores de ações, commodities, criptomoedas, títulos e taxas de juros. A oferta de serviços é disponibilizada em uma variedade de plataformas de negociação baseadas na Web e para dispositivos móveis de nível profissional.

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Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço IG 08/16/2022 08:45

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  • Depósitos .56% Depósitos

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço IG

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  • walshib98 Ian Walsh (@walshib98) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp Demo system down yet again!!!!! Utterly useless

  • knicol46 Keith Nicol (@knicol46) relatou um problema

    @IGcom Is there an issue with your helpline currently. All options leads to a dead tone?

  • anandhinagaraj AnnRaj (@anandhinagaraj) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp hi, dividend adjustment didn’t happen today with stocks so down in value?

  • manderley_4x Andrew (@manderley_4x) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp Web platform is not updating (may be intermittent) and having difficulty logging in. Got in after a few attempts.

  • CraigDabbs5 Craig Dabbs (@CraigDabbs5) relatou um problema

    @Penny_Squeezer I’ve just had to sell all my AMC on @eToro because they still can’t say what their plan is regarding APE. I’ve had to re buy them on @IGcom because they have confirmed the dividend 1 APE 4 1 AMC. The good thing was I caught the down trend and sold 1608 AMC and purchased 1650

  • kpasamd DB (@kpasamd) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp having problems with the app since latest iOS update on iPad and iPhone. Freezing, can’t make drawings. Deleted and reinstalled and still no improvement

  • BillB03325794 Bill B (@BillB03325794) relatou um problema

    @reb40 @IGClientHelp Never had a problem with II, Hargreaves L or Trading 212 except when down for planned maintenance usually at weekend.

  • naveenkapur1 Nav (@naveenkapur1) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp Isa account showing incorrect balance. More than £15000 GBP missing from my account. What is going on? Can’t get any help from you. Clients beware

  • memnac memento (@memnac) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp I contacted help desk so have other people. This is not account specific but platform wide. I don't know why you or broker would lock up a stock and people cannot cash out profits. What really is the point of your platform. This is unacceptable!

  • memnac memento (@memnac) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp very disappointed with mobile app. Yesterday I wasn't able to secure profits in APDN during yesterday price rally as the ticker was unavailable to trade all day. Unreliable if you ask me. Fix up IG!😤

  • macor247 Manu (@macor247) relatou um problema

    @IGcom I’ve got a solution for that, Pay the Drivers and delivery Riders better rates, offer a better service, get a higher return…how hard can it be?

  • Kauperwooood не зови меня (@Kauperwooood) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp I was trying to open a “share dealing account”, but the button for submitting my application was unavailable and as far as I understand it somehow relate to the fact, that I’m tax resident in another country. Could you please help me with opening this account?

  • Senecalytics Matt Clinton - Soothsayer 🧙‍♂️ (@Senecalytics) relatou um problema

    @IGcom - Are you aware of the issue on your platform where placing a take-profit order on the charts automatically deletes my stop-loss with no notification or warning? Need to fix this ASAP, please. @IGClientHelp

  • iramahmed79 iz (@iramahmed79) relatou um problema

    @IGcom why is your app not working? I keep getting an error message. It’s the same when I try to login online. Get it fixed as people are losing money

  • MrBoongBoong Bob (@MrBoongBoong) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp Since last night, the problem still not fix. I have sent email to IG help team with screen capture.

  • nadiamariahill nadiahill (@nadiamariahill) relatou um problema

    @englandcricket @root66 @IGcom South Africa are just copying from India england should of said something and stopped Morgan from stepping down all the hard work he did they are throwing it away now but why was this game not called of and played another day but roy and bairstow are to blame

  • joey_gambles joey_gambles (@joey_gambles) relatou um problema

    @englandcricket @root66 @IGcom Proof that Durham is a county ground and not an international one. Disgraceful pitch. Slow, low and worse for one team than the other. Embarrassing

  • nadiamariahill nadiahill (@nadiamariahill) relatou um problema

    @englandcricket @root66 @IGcom Why did Ben stokes and buttler not review their wickets south Africa might be doing no ***** and getting away with it but surely england don't normally allow south Africa to get to 333 but Morgan is to blame for not stepping down just before they was due to

  • ScalperVol Bob Reeves (@ScalperVol) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp Pro Real Time not working is this expected?

  • ScalperVol Bob Reeves (@ScalperVol) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp PRT not working for me is this expected ?

  • joe31756 joe ele (@joe31756) relatou um problema

    @IGcom $Gold is bullish , higher inflation and USA dollar is going down .

  • css_mike Mike J (@css_mike) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp my live account has been pending activation for over a month. My documents are approved and my rep emailed “it should get opened today” seven days ago. No answer to phone calls. Can you help?

  • Yofransy1 👑𝐅𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐚👑 (@Yofransy1) relatou um problema

    @instagram @IGClientHelp hello so the add yours feature is not working for me.ive tried it all.updating my device,clearing catch and data aswell as uninstalling the device but its not working for my account.but on my spamm account it working.whats going on??😪pls help

  • Yofransy1 👑𝐅𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐚👑 (@Yofransy1) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp hello so the add yours feature is not working for me.ive tried it all.updating my device,clearing catch and data aswell as uninstalling the device but its not working for my account.but on my spamm account it working.whats going on??😪pls help

  • thebeeaka TheBeeaka (@thebeeaka) relatou um problema

    @IGcom Demo account price action stopped before 2:30 and hasn't moved since. Is there a problem?

  • alexneutronstar Alex Tezcatlipoca (@alexneutronstar) relatou um problema

    @MetalsDaily @IGcom Gold price dropping that bad makes absolutely no sense

  • jehanzeb_yasir yaz jehanzeb (@jehanzeb_yasir) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp hi I’m out of country and not able to log in not able to access any IG web page, can you tell me what’s the issue, it is the case because I’m abroad and phone is on aeroplane mode though my wifi is on? Pls can you help and let me know so I can start trade

  • anandhinagaraj AnnRaj (@anandhinagaraj) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp hi, not able to open the platform on the internet but the app works. can you pl help

  • MaqsDad ollieMaqsDad (@MaqsDad) relatou um problema

    It's down another 5% pre-market and even after 1week I still don't have my shares 🤬🤬🤬 @HLInvest @IGClientHelp #Criminal $Tyde

  • InfinityMusicAS ΛMIƬ (@InfinityMusicAS) relatou um problema

    @DanNicholls03 @englandcricket @IGcom My bad