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A IG é a maior corretora de câmbio e contratos por diferença (CFDs) do mundo. A empresa oferece acesso global a uma linha de produtos abrangente que inclui negociação de câmbio, índices de ações, ações individuais, setores de ações, commodities, criptomoedas, títulos e taxas de juros. A oferta de serviços é disponibilizada em uma variedade de plataformas de negociação baseadas na Web e para dispositivos móveis de nível profissional.

Problemas nas últimas 24 horas

O gráfico a seguir mostra o número de reclamações sobre falha no serviço IG que recebemos por hora do dia nas últimas 24 horas. Consideramos que há uma interrupção quando o número de reclamações é maior do que a linha de base, representada pela linha vermelha.

Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço IG 05/27/2024 05:10

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Problemas mais relatados

A seguir estão os problemas mais recentes relatados pelos usuários da IG em nosso site.

  1. Plataforma de Negociação (50%)

    Plataforma de Negociação (50%)

  2. Login (38%)

    Login (38%)

  3. Website (13%)

    Website (13%)

Mapa ao vivo de interrupções

As últimas reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas vieram de

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City Problem Type Report Time
GermanyBonn Plataforma de Negociação
ItalyMilan Plataforma de Negociação
GermanyNeuss Plataforma de Negociação
SpainValencia Plataforma de Negociação
ItalyMilan Login
FranceAgen Website
Map Mapa de Falhas e Interrupções Completo

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço IG

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:

  • foxy_huang Li Li Huang (@foxy_huang) relatou um problema

    @IGcom Your system is not working and customer service cuts me off! Can someone please respond????

  • ivorkovic Ivor Kovic (@ivorkovic) relatou um problema

    @IGcom App is down, web is down. Terrible. I have zero control over my stocks/money at the moment. Even more terrifying to see now that others have been reporting this for days. You need to fix this NOW.

  • cridi cridi (@cridi) relatou um problema

    @IGFrance @IGClientHelp J’étais en pose, j’ai réussi à la couper en urgence sans graphe. C’est finalement grâce à l’ancienne plateforme web que j’ai pu y arriver. Ouf ! Maintenant on va patienter le temps que tout rentre dans l’ordre. Merci d’avoir répondu rapidement.

  • HellishTrader HellishTrevTrader (@HellishTrader) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp are you aware your platform is down ??? I’ve been on hold to the phone line for 15 mins now 😡😡😡

  • PITT21156447 PITT (@PITT21156447) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp IG screwing us normal folk again by helping out the big hedge funds, taken the system down again today and they still dont care on impact. I hope someone does take legal action here as this is unacceptable and should be considered illegal.

  • jas251068 Jason Nicholls (@jas251068) relatou um problema

    @IGcom Website down again , what a dreadful , shambolic outfit you lot are. I sincerely hope you have your operating license revoked.

  • mimifontaine Mimi Fontaine (@mimifontaine) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp Down once again. Can't see my positions. Can't trade. Can't even see my watchlist.

  • saburmo Mohammed Sabur (@saburmo) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp I've been getting a Service Connection Failure for the past 15 to 20 minutes. This is the third time it's happened in past 3 days. Get your act together because you're looking like amateurs. I could be forced to use another platform.

  • jack_r_m Jack (@jack_r_m) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp And you don’t even bother to dignify your customers will a Tweet explaining there’s a problem. Pathetic.

  • VikasKansra Vikas Kansra (@VikasKansra) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp I cant login my account

  • elly_gov elly #KBF (@elly_gov) relatou um problema

    What is going with stock exchange’s @IGClientHelp @RishiSunak everything is down

  • Smildone56 WillH (@Smildone56) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp Hi, your server is struggling now for the 3rd day in a row at the US open. I haven’t been able to get into my SB or ISA account with you for 30 minutes. What are you doing to resolved those?

  • jonnywillamson jonnywillamson (@jonnywillamson) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp IG Platform very unreliable - down five times this week alone - search for a better broker I would say.

  • ctbuk73 a (@ctbuk73) relatou um problema

    @IGcom Probably the biggest trading day for retail traders ever and you close your platform down and stop us getting access to our own money. Disgraceful.

  • trelawney89 Trelawney (@trelawney89) relatou um problema

    @IGcom Yet again your platform is down. This is the third time this week. Can you fix this urgently please?

  • timpav7 Tim (@timpav7) relatou um problema

    @IGcom do you have mice running your systems. Every day same time app and desktop goes down. Costing money everyday this week. Completely unacceptable

  • steeve_inv Steeve S (@steeve_inv) relatou um problema

    @milbshake @IGClientHelp and again today at market open... still ongoing issue

  • jas251068 Jason Nicholls (@jas251068) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp No issues are sorted out you usless bunch of clowns

  • dan_brooksbank dan brooksbank (@dan_brooksbank) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp, I see no tweets in your feed about todays shambles. Still down

  • S_Dezigns Sami Mansour (@S_Dezigns) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp @milbshake @IGClientHelp That is not right. Your system is still down and we can't log into our accounts.

  • StelTriteos ST (@StelTriteos) relatou um problema

    @IGcom why is your app always down in the afternoon me and @timpav7 are trying to take over the world here

  • HellishTrader HellishTrevTrader (@HellishTrader) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp platform conveniently down again !!! 3 days running you’ve locked us in trades

  • Tom_Bedford TOM BEDFORD (@Tom_Bedford) relatou um problema

    @RichTheNewbie @IGcom Same issue. Very annoying of late.

  • L4V1124610 DietCoke7 (@L4V1124610) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp terrible Sort out the access to the platform!!

  • udmon74 monir (@udmon74) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp what’s going on can’t log on? Rubbish service you guys are providing. Not taking calls either.. very poor.

  • Andmk75 Andrew 75 (@Andmk75) relatou um problema

    @IGcom Really bad customer service: Your phone line gives a dead tone instead of working, status says everything is all OK when in fact platform is down. For one of the biggest players, your platform consistently can't handle volatility.

  • thewinelake Alex (@thewinelake) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp Do we think this might be a DDoS rather than bad platform design?

  • KrasimirBPetrov Krasimir Petrov (@KrasimirBPetrov) relatou um problema

    @milbshake @IGClientHelp This is how they seem to deal with the hassle to provide liquidity for thei positions their customers open. So instead to shut down specific stocks, they decide to “technically” forfeit their services for the sake of not making some hedge funds angry. Pathetic.

  • cttricky Richard J Farrell (@cttricky) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp Hi guys, more issues today, I just got logged out and can't log in again, same as Wednesday afternoon....

  • djdavedempsey Dave Dempsey (@djdavedempsey) relatou um problema

    @IGClientHelp This is the 3rd day on the run there has been issues. Sort this out @IGcom