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A Interactive Brokers LLC é uma corretora com sede nos Estados Unidos. Opera a maior plataforma de negociação eletrônica dos EUA em número de negociações por receita média diária. A empresa é corretora de ações, opções, contratos futuros, troca de futuros por físicos (EFPs), opções de futuros, câmbio, títulos e fundos.

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Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço Interactive Brokers 10/17/2021 01:25

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  • Aitutaki23 Aitutaki (@Aitutaki23) relatou um problema

    @Invest20201 @IBKR Ya he visto la notificación, abajo del todo pone "seleccionar opción de AC" y una vez entras pone lo que he pegado arriba. En el primer párrafo pone que solo es informativo y que no se puede hacer ninguna elección voluntaria.

  • FrankLeeRight Frank LeeRight (@FrankLeeRight) relatou um problema

    @PIG70264286 @IBKR Good morning. I don't mind at all, let's be friends and share. My first advice is to steer clear of IBKR because they're a terrible broker. They have a very malicious and flawed business model where they try to steal from customers who make money. Good day.

  • FrankLeeRight Frank LeeRight (@FrankLeeRight) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Doctors can't fix a coma during a routine check up, fam. Pick pocketing puts people in predicaments they want no part in when push comes to shove comes to real life. Somebody over there gonna wind up in a coma if you keep playing with customers livelihoods like this.

  • Fariasoz John F (@Fariasoz) relatou um problema

    @markminervini 5 minutes to close @IBKR not showing up my positions. Wanted to close a trade. This is too bad

  • FrankLeeRight Frank LeeRight (@FrankLeeRight) relatou um problema

    Hi @IBKR, My emails, phone calls, and questions via your customer ticketing system have gone unanswered. If you don't respond to serious inquiries through those avenues, then am I to expect a response on twitter? Do I slide in the IBKR DM or slide on an exec in real life?

  • FrankLeeRight Frank LeeRight (@FrankLeeRight) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Bummer. Missed the webinar. Any one of your executives want to meet face-to-face to go over this little issue? I'm more than willing to come down to your office in person. Trying to keep this from getting messy for you guys.

  • DaleOHays Dale Hays (@DaleOHays) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Your costs are NOT industry-low for many types of options contracts or crypto . . . you should not make claims that are not true. ;) I'm an IBKR customer - I know exactly what I'm talking about and use your platforms (TWS) almost every trading day.

  • NachoRedruello Nacho Redruello (@NachoRedruello) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Hi! Im having problems logging into my account.

  • DelayNoMore2000 DelayNoMore (@DelayNoMore2000) relatou um problema

    @IBKR IBKR is down. Is it only me

  • microbikinis3 nutsling (@microbikinis3) relatou um problema

    @IBKR cryptocurrencies are illegal and immoral, people and businesses who support them are degenerates and have ulterior motives. every crypto-based product has evaporated, ruining the lives of those who used them. these are factual statements; educate yourself.

  • PhoenixtownM Master Chief (@PhoenixtownM) relatou um problema

    @IBKR I have recently experienced a lot of issues related to market data and especially charts when using the mobile app. Is anyone aware of this problem? Or am I just paying for data that just doesn‘t get displayed? #InteractiveBrokers

  • Montesala1 Antonio Ayuso. (@Montesala1) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Hi. I have a problem with his broker. I want to make a new account, but, when i have to write my home address, the broker does not recognize the address, and I can't continue. What can I do? Thanks, regards.

  • Misterbrown Misterbrown (@Misterbrown) relatou um problema

    @IBKR @IBKR I can't gain access to the website it's loading for 30 minutes now please fix it

  • kikababoo Kai ಠ_ಠ (@kikababoo) relatou um problema

    @TanArrowz @IBKR Still down for me

  • averygrrl avery💝s data📝charts📈& finance💹✊🌹 (@averygrrl) relatou um problema

    @NewRiverInvest @IBKR I tried to explain it as best I could, but no, this does not work like it normally would for other tickers. One or both tickers need to be completely gone from your display (for me, they were in my portfolio as "0" positions). All day, no fix despite thousands of data refreshes.

  • averygrrl avery💝s data📝charts📈& finance💹✊🌹 (@averygrrl) relatou um problema

    @IBKR This doesn't always work; for some reason the quotes interfere with eachother. You need to set up a blank page, or one without any futures tickers on it, and attempt a data refresh. This is slow. But it's faster than restarting. You may still have to restart. Mobile is faster.

  • averygrrl avery💝s data📝charts📈& finance💹✊🌹 (@averygrrl) relatou um problema

    I figured out how to reproduce @IBKR's blackout on bid/ask for #M2K_F and #MNQ_F. If you switch between these two, you lose bid/ask. You cannot get them back while either are still displayed in a chart, watchlist, portfolio, or otherwise. Need to remove both and refresh data.

  • TanArrowz Arrowz (@TanArrowz) relatou um problema

    @charuchandna @IBKR Looks like their server side has issue coz I think it’s quite global

  • TanArrowz Arrowz (@TanArrowz) relatou um problema

    Is @IBKR mobile app down?

  • Santanu_2215 Santanu (@Santanu_2215) relatou um problema

    Every other day @IBKR service goes down during market hour . This is unacceptable. If you can not keep a production system up and running then you must be having a poor IT team on the ground which needs to be replaced with experts ! Sad !

  • DrJDKean Dr James D Kean (@DrJDKean) relatou um problema

    @IBKR "We're sorry, but we had to log you out and end your session. Either a problem occurred on our server or you were automatically logged out due to inactivity." How do we fix this? I just started an application

  • Marc_Takahashi Marc (@Marc_Takahashi) relatou um problema

    Pretty annoying I can’t cancel orders and support takes forever @IBKR

  • thatuiam Vision Thatuiam (@thatuiam) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Blockchain is about innovation so any idea presented can be looked at like what aspect of this are they focusing on. Support them properly try to accomplish the goal whitch sometimes thats all thats needed for solutions to come not projects meeting exact vision

  • Craigster771 Dogs&Viruses (@Craigster771) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Worst brokerage

  • StevenCooko Steven Lee (@StevenCooko) relatou um problema

    @IBKR I had a ACATS transfer from Schwab to IBKR and during the actual transfer DMYI had a ticker change to IONQ. This is the only stock from the entire transfer where the cost basis is incorrect. If you don't fix it, does this mean I get to pay less cap gain?

  • Ricky3208 Ricky320 (@Ricky3208) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Your app is not working properly... Cant see anything except price and chart in the stock page.... Please fix asap

  • averygrrl avery💝s data📝charts📈& finance💹✊🌹 (@averygrrl) relatou um problema

    @hyperconvexity @IBKR This is IB specific, market data is miniscule. Not that I've looked much at the latency/jitter, but the data packets just stop arriving completely, and I don't have any similar issues with anything else. It's the only data I'm using right now. 4K video plays just fine on YTTV.

  • hyperconvexity 🔥 (@hyperconvexity) relatou um problema

    @averygrrl @IBKR I think the Internet, broadly - and market networks, more specifically - are running low on overhead bandwidth capacity again … plumbing problem, IMHO 😕 🪠 …or do you think this is IB-specific? 🤔

  • MakOkazaki Makoto Okazaki (@MakOkazaki) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Hi, I have applied multiple times to IBKR, and a few days after submitting my documents my application gets deleted and I can't log in anymore. I am not sure what the problem is and would love some support here!

  • AlphaVulture Alpha Vulture (@AlphaVulture) relatou um problema

    @KidDynamiteBlog @Keubiko @IBKR You probably have never experienced how the average retail broker works in Europa if you think IB is bad.