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A Interactive Brokers LLC é uma corretora com sede nos Estados Unidos. Opera a maior plataforma de negociação eletrônica dos EUA em número de negociações por receita média diária. A empresa é corretora de ações, opções, contratos futuros, troca de futuros por físicos (EFPs), opções de futuros, câmbio, títulos e fundos.

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Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço Interactive Brokers 01/28/2022 19:35

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United StatesMaricopa Plataforma de Negociação
United KingdomLisburn Plataforma de Negociação
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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço Interactive Brokers

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:
  • yanique_a Yan (@yanique_a) relatou um problema

    @IBKR has the worst desktop app for trading, I don't know why traders allowed this nonsense for so long.

  • DayNiteTrader DayNiteTrader ☀️🌙🌏🇦🇺 (@DayNiteTrader) relatou um problema

    My Interactive Brokers account is down. Anyone else out there having issues with IB?? @IBKR

  • tfleming69 tf (@tfleming69) relatou um problema

    @GmeImmortan @IBKR I look at my stocks 1x a month, seeing 49k down sucks. Something has to give NOW!

  • _DudeDiligence Dude Diligence (@_DudeDiligence) relatou um problema

    IBKR is the worst broker available, beware how ****** they are. @IBKR absolutely the ******* worst

  • JoneTan_2020 Aurora Borealis (@JoneTan_2020) relatou um problema

    $IO ION Geophysical preparing Chapter 11 filing to sell itself - Bloomberg Unfortunately as always no stock found for short sale! As always @IBKR the ultimate trash broker! ****** software, ****** service! Created only to steal the money from the customer's pocket. 🤮

  • winethief23 winethief (@winethief23) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Do you guys have any idea how clunky your system is? I was trying to open an account but your system is too stupid to let me upload my license. If you can't do simple things right, how could I trust you as a broker? I am done wasting another minute of my time here.

  • hypocryptically Hypocryptically (@hypocryptically) relatou um problema

    @IBKR I'm sorry but the Portal is very unstable... - trade permissions keeps disconnecting then takes forever to reconnect - valid symbols charts do not load and show "invalid symbol" - account pages completely freeze rendomly Broswer cache is clean, your side is problematic...

  • q00per q0️⃣0️⃣per 🎚🎛📺🎶🎧 (👩‍🚀=fake & 🤼‍♂️)😂👂🦯 (@q00per) relatou um problema

    Already. I love @IBKR so much more than @WebullGlobal and @CharlesSchwab . No question. The only broker i know that ACTUALLY does 24/7 customer service. I would rather call someone in mumbai and repeat something a couple times, b able to take care of account issues BEFORE open.

  • averygrrl Avery 🌸💝📈📊💹✊🌹 (@averygrrl) relatou um problema

    @tomolesnevich @IBKR ok this def sounds like IBKR stuff lol, thanks for explaining for some reason, whenever i launch IBKR it *always* loads the micro ES december contract and I have no clue why IBKR knows no end to Stupid

  • Manamboo Manoj namboodiri (@Manamboo) relatou um problema

    @quantspectrum @IBKR i had the same problem was horrible

  • Manamboo Manoj namboodiri (@Manamboo) relatou um problema

    @Adam199631 @IBKR I am surprised they made no statement or acknowledgement. I too lost money because of this. And customer service took over 30 min to reach

  • whitebreadfox Whitebreadfox (@whitebreadfox) relatou um problema

    @IBKR What’s the probability you fix TWS and make it usable for day traders? ZERO :)

  • jfletcher360 JeremyFletcher (@jfletcher360) relatou um problema

    Pure Garbage @IBKR Haven't been able to login for 2 hours now.

  • ThetaSavedMe Giga Gordon (@ThetaSavedMe) relatou um problema

    @thatsassytrader @MrRoccStar @IBKR went down this morning trapping traders while watching their positions disintegrate. would have expected more from a full paid brokerage but i guess its another robinhood with a clown mask

  • MunihFlorjan Florjan Munih (@MunihFlorjan) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Probability matters everywhere. The only problem is what kind it is useful for decision making.

  • jimb2468 JimB (@jimb2468) relatou um problema

    @GainezReal @mkay_steve @IBKR In the message center send them a compensation message for trade related issues... they should honor it

  • GainezReal RealMyronGainez (@GainezReal) relatou um problema

    @jimb2468 @mkay_steve @IBKR Did they fix it finally?

  • jimb2468 JimB (@jimb2468) relatou um problema

    @mkay_steve It was a @IBKR hardware issue after they finally answered chat 1hr later

  • pnquang90 Quang Pham (@pnquang90) relatou um problema

    @IBKR I opened some calls before the bulletin came in , after that I can't close them, leading to my loss, very very frustrated, and your website for support does not work, please get back to me in DM

  • rudrapratapp Rudra ( Rishi ) (@rudrapratapp) relatou um problema

    @pnquang90 @quantspectrum @IBKR fix now

  • 0xWoolly 0xWoolly 🔺(🎩, 🎩) (@0xWoolly) relatou um problema

    @SStayathomedad @IBKR I keep seeing this ad (and variants) everywhere and always the candles are wrong 😢 SOUL and me, founding members of Fix the Candles DAO 🧠

  • noahoptions Noah (@noahoptions) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Rep telling me they’re not liable for my platform not executing my market close position and that it’s my duty to call the trade desk as it’s a “timely issue” yet I was on hold for over 30min while my position burned..

  • marzvoltann まーず@原神 (@marzvoltann) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Explain server down problem This is more important

  • kamorekamore issun (@kamorekamore) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Explain server down problem This is more important

  • DonPablis Pablo (@DonPablis) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Yall tweet alot when your servers are down...

  • dlaw_trades DLaw (@dlaw_trades) relatou um problema

    @DragonM46905810 @quatrodiamantes @IBKR I just had same issue stuck in 3 positions couldn’t execute market sell for the life of me, guy on phone couldn’t execute for me either

  • el_badawi Haythem (@el_badawi) relatou um problema

    @quantspectrum @IBKR Stupid #ibkr thanks for my loss today @IBKR we will get our money back

  • quatrodiamantes Bernard Burce (@quatrodiamantes) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Canada having issues closing my call position. I don’t know if it’s just my platform. Called customer service and said he can’t help me. Now transferred me to trading department. This is not good.

  • ThetaSavedMe Giga Gordon (@ThetaSavedMe) relatou um problema

    @IBKR i am expecting reimbursement for your system outage. this is crazy even my auto stop loss wasn't executed. i've been on the phone waiting for 45 minutes already and live chat waiting for an agent as well.

  • quatrodiamantes Bernard Burce (@quatrodiamantes) relatou um problema

    @brajk95 It happened to me too. Right now I’m with customer service. The guy said I can’t help you right now. It’s the system. WTF was that?. I told him to transfer me in the trading department. I’m currently down with my option trade. @IBKR