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A TD Ameritrade é uma corretora que oferece uma plataforma de negociação eletrônica para ativos financeiros, incluindo ações ordinárias, ações preferenciais, contratos futuros, fundos negociados em bolsa, opções, criptomoedas, fundos mútuos e investimentos de renda fixa.

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O gráfico a seguir mostra o número de reclamações sobre falha no serviço TD Ameritrade que recebemos por hora do dia nas últimas 24 horas. Consideramos que há uma interrupção quando o número de reclamações é maior do que a linha de base, representada pela linha vermelha.

Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço TD Ameritrade 05/26/2022 00:45

No momento, não detectamos nenhum problema no serviço TD Ameritrade. Você está tendo falhas ou interrupções em algum serviço? Deixe uma mensagem nos comentários!

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Mapa de falhas e interrupções no serviço TD Ameritrade

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United StatesCharlotte Plataforma de Negociação
United StatesDallas Website
United StatesIndianapolis Login
ItalyCorciano Login
United StatesWesterville Login
United StatesVermilion Login

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço TD Ameritrade

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:
  • rabidhamster69 Tee Panic! (@rabidhamster69) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade why is your data api failing to return data for a lot of stocks like: $WMT $ARKK $TGT And more. Please fix this.

  • RealRickSinger 🆃🅷🅴 🆁🅴🅰🅻 🆁🅸🅲🅺 🆂🅸🅽🅶🅴🆁👍 (@RealRickSinger) relatou um problema

    thinkorswim @TDAmeritrade desktop not working

  • trader_bearded The Bearded Trader (@trader_bearded) relatou um problema

    man these brokers are holding orders like mad today, my sell orders are holding for 20-30secs anyone else having these issues? @TDAmeritrade

  • Proj_Doomsday SkyNeT_AI (@Proj_Doomsday) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade Your availability of stocks to short is by far the worst. Even @Etrade got you guys beat.

  • 81PointKobe RIP Kobe 😭 (@81PointKobe) relatou um problema

    @unusual_whales @TDAmeritrade customer service lied to me and told me the same thing

  • AlexRose0482 Alex Rosado (@AlexRose0482) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade **** you go burn another building down

  • brenbto Brendan (@brenbto) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade app slow today #ameritrade

  • AlexRose0482 Alex Rosado (@AlexRose0482) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade If it were up to you guys you would just burn everything down 🦍

  • PaulWea98172088 MillyMike31061 (@PaulWea98172088) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade @AFI @AFIIQ when will this be tradable on TDA? Trying to get my average down and I can’t and it’s pissing me TF off!

  • stephjjones2 stephjjones (@stephjjones2) relatou um problema

    @tweetee2021 @TDAmeritrade Hehe 🙃 very poor online support capability.maybe they need to learn from Charlies alliance investment firm,am glad I engaged with Charlie alliance for a better investment plan and financial advice

  • graham_monica Monica Graham - Graham Law Firm (@graham_monica) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade I sent a DM. Was not given the answer. What is so difficult about saying “type this symbol in the trade section?” Where I would type SPY to pull up SPY options, what do you type for SPX because SPX brings an error message.

  • BKAT23 Bkat (@BKAT23) relatou um problema

    @thinkorswim @TDAmeritrade Absolutely unacceptable our $OTRA shares didn’t convert to $CMRA today. You can point fingers on shares not being delivered but you need to fix the process so this doesn’t happen again. All other brokers converted today. If this happens again, I’m out

  • just_like_pike hi, it is Matt (@just_like_pike) relatou um problema

    @trendofaliftime @TDAmeritrade @interactivebrok China could be delisted easily, if it were to invade Tai Wan- but again, it’s not the sanction that is the problem, it’s the termination of the ADR program. Standard wind down provision.

  • Perseus575 Perseus (@Perseus575) relatou um problema

    @ray_hessel @OptionsMike @TDAmeritrade I’m done playing with the stop/loss.. Said it all week but habits are hard to break ! It’s not working anymore.. If I’m in I’m in it to win it from now on!!

  • Perseus575 Perseus (@Perseus575) relatou um problema

    @OptionsMike @TDAmeritrade must be laughing at me at the complete fakery I had this morning .. slept over night with $AMD puts and $RBLX puts.. Cost myself a beach house on fake rally unbelievable bad decisions.. **** my first bear market so I’m trying stay positive.. and didn’t mean fakery

  • FUCK_CCIV FUCK_CCIV (@FUCK_CCIV) relatou um problema

    hey @TDAmeritrade I'm leaving you as a broker after this OTRA/CMRA debacle today, you need a better policy for things like this. Robinhood and Webull are having no issue

  • herm05673532 Jay Herman (@herm05673532) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade I already told you the problem. Your platform doesn’t allow users to cancel a planned ach transfer even though it says it does. I guess its time to get the gimmicky $75 full transfer fee waived (seriously, how many ameritrade accounts have one penny left?) and bail to Fidelity.

  • Jimweston77 Brent from Memphis ⬆️ (@Jimweston77) relatou um problema

    Anyone having issues with @TDAmeritrade streaming quote’s

  • theRODproject R.O.D. (@theRODproject) relatou um problema

    Ever since I disabled the Face ID on my @TDAmeritrade mobile app, it works just fine….no more glitches, but they really need to fix that feature

  • tweetee2021 Firstname Lastname (@tweetee2021) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade Your online Help is severely lacking in info and search capability. Does your FI provide Quicken Direct Connect and bill pay via Quicken?

  • PatilInvests learner (@PatilInvests) relatou um problema

    @myvaluepicks @TDAmeritrade If you see last 100 years of data, i observed that the bear markets have become shorter and shorter.. Yes because after 1950s there was more stability in humans.. no wars no major pandemic etc..

  • TradesEddy Mark Eddy (@TradesEddy) relatou um problema

    @LadeBackk I recorded my screen when trading options on @TDAmeritrade. GOOG would show I was up $100. Then I place my order and it would show me down -$110. Cancel the order and it would show me up $100 again. And no the stock was not moving. Glad you left. Too many games.

  • MookieBlayl0ck Mookie (@MookieBlayl0ck) relatou um problema

    a perfect day for trading volatility and @fidelity ATP can't stream quotes? I hate to be that disgruntled customer, but @TDAmeritrade gets the rest of my money if this isn't squared away by the end of the day.

  • ships_wrecked St Francis of Assisi (@ships_wrecked) relatou um problema

    @hamiibands @thinkorswim @TDAmeritrade Mobile app is lagging so damn bad and has for 2 weeks. Desktop also

  • putseller1 putseller (@putseller1) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade Why can’t you run a query on all your accounts where trade price is showing as zero and let us know the issue here in public forum. Also let us know how u intend to solve it and by when. I don’t think this is just individual account there are multiple account having same issue

  • Liz2021u Liz (@Liz2021u) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade @hamiibands SPY has been having this issue since 10 minutes ago

  • hamiibands حميد (@hamiibands) relatou um problema

    TOS and Webull order books is jacked up right now .. the Bid is higher than the Ask .. @TDAmeritrade fix this, can’t sell ?!

  • DogPoundPicks joe (@DogPoundPicks) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade Just cause the app opens doesn’t mean it’s worth a damn. No L2, no streaming quotes. Same bullshit excuses. It’s 4/5 days a week this **** happens. What’s the point of even having the app?!?

  • DogPoundPicks joe (@DogPoundPicks) relatou um problema

    What do ya know…..@TDAmeritrade app isn’t working. What a trash *** broker or at least a trash *** app. Sorry to keep hounding but for real. At least they don’t give me it’s Covid or inflation cause of problems like everybody else. Maybe it’s Putin…….

  • coolklausmhm klaus (@coolklausmhm) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade I sent my request like a month ago, no answers/emails, gave every document needed. Tried to call it says no service. Man...