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A TD Ameritrade é uma corretora que oferece uma plataforma de negociação eletrônica para ativos financeiros, incluindo ações ordinárias, ações preferenciais, contratos futuros, fundos negociados em bolsa, opções, criptomoedas, fundos mútuos e investimentos de renda fixa.

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O gráfico a seguir mostra o número de reclamações sobre falha no serviço TD Ameritrade que recebemos por hora do dia nas últimas 24 horas. Consideramos que há uma interrupção quando o número de reclamações é maior do que a linha de base, representada pela linha vermelha.

Gráfico de falhas e interrupções no serviço TD Ameritrade 10/28/2021 07:00

No momento, não detectamos nenhum problema no serviço TD Ameritrade. Você está tendo falhas ou interrupções em algum serviço? Deixe uma mensagem nos comentários!

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Mapa de falhas e interrupções no serviço TD Ameritrade

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New ZealandAuckland Login
United StatesNew York City Login
United StatesMundelein Website
United StatesLos Angeles Login
United StatesSeattle Website

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Reclamações sobre problemas no serviço TD Ameritrade

Reclamações sobre falhas, interrupções e problemas mais recentes nas redes sociais:
  • Cryptov70487583 Cryptoverse (@Cryptov70487583) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade And wait for an hour on the line, I've already done that - your team don't seem to care, there are serious issue with your platforms dashboard and support team protocol, asking me to fill in forms that aren't available. I'm not the only one. Fix it.

  • tianqinjj dogecoin🍺🚀🥮 (@tianqinjj) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade Thanks, I have 1000share many years ago, same name TAGG today I saw it when I login to my account, but it’s volume 0.00 at total, and lateral the name TAGG disappears, what’s that happen?

  • jwarr619 John Warriner (@jwarr619) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade My mobile app was super slow today but it is ok now

  • DesireeMichele Desiree Michele (@DesireeMichele) relatou um problema

    @CoinbasePro I don’t see @TDAmeritrade going down like this, wtf

  • mbabovac Mike (@mbabovac) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade I didn’t have the problem myself, but several traders in my message board is saying u aren’t allowing big buys of ETEK. Is this true? It’s Pink current.

  • ThetaXi103 m (@ThetaXi103) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade Already tried that... zero customer service

  • ThetaXi103 m (@ThetaXi103) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade is the worst. I accidentally changed my address and they instantly closed my account. Definitely switching to another company. #StockMarket

  • gwendt01 gwendt01 (@gwendt01) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade well, U tweaked the web site again, but U still haven’t fixed any of the blatant calculation errors I reported numerous times. Active traders beware. TD is not your friend.

  • sternzie63 Brett Stern 🧢 (@sternzie63) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade thanks for being the worst trading platform out there and only letting me sign in 40% of the time you guys are the worst

  • BrettSumner1 Brett Sumner (@BrettSumner1) relatou um problema

    @MRUgBY410 @Ultra_Calls @TDAmeritrade ****- got the same issue

  • Plumpeo Plumpeo (@Plumpeo) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade may have the worst customer service/corporate actions team out of all major brokerages… constantly lying. I don’t recommend.

  • Full_PowerMode SteveK (@Full_PowerMode) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade SLOW as ****, So sick of this.....Fills Suck, Exits suck, Slow outdated software.

  • VerbalTrading Keyser Söze (@VerbalTrading) relatou um problema

    @SalsTradingOTC @TDAmeritrade I tried this twice. Once when I first heard about it a couple weeks ago and then again at the end of last week. Was basically told to go f*** myself bug times.

  • kumar_isu Kumar (@kumar_isu) relatou um problema

    @Siddavarapu @TDAmeritrade @surface Yeah. Even faced this issue in IOS. I need to specifically point on the bar to slide. That’s the reason I thought you may be missing that. Good luck with your duo

  • Siddavarapu Praveen G S (@Siddavarapu) relatou um problema

    @kumar_isu @TDAmeritrade @surface its working on ios and other phones but not on surface duo2, might be a bug on microsoft/andriod ui

  • madhuonline Madhu Rajput (मधु राजपूत) (@madhuonline) relatou um problema

    @IBKR Australia down since last 2 days. Pathetic #broker why we don’t have @TDAmeritrade in Australia?

  • LogikalReazon Logikal Reazon (@LogikalReazon) relatou um problema

    @teachemstoic @TDAmeritrade hm, might have to move on from @TDAmeritrade if they don't fix this for everyone.

  • teachemstoic Teachemstoic (@teachemstoic) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade Just fix it for everyone. A call doesn’t ever fix it.

  • ferrarimarri lil sailor moon. 🌙💖 (@ferrarimarri) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade Worst bank ever, don’t do it

  • koviebarger Kovie Barger (@koviebarger) relatou um problema

    @humblceo @jsmithxc11 So what does this mean for just a normal/regular $HMBL/ $TSNP share holder like myself? (who's shares are currently down 90% from when I purchased them) Do I just leave them on @TDAmeritrade & let em ride?

  • Thegameguy10 ⭕️Thegameguy⭕️ (@Thegameguy10) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade I did already. No help at all. You will be losing my 70k account and trades. You cost me a lot of money today and a investment platform shouldn’t be the reason someone loses on a investment

  • WSBJesus Jesus (@WSBJesus) relatou um problema

    @jenne_roberts @TDANetwork @TDAmeritrade My bad! I was asking TDAMERITRADE

  • etmanym Ettmann (@etmanym) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade please fix your App This is inconvenient

  • DCRando2020 A (@DCRando2020) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade I included the version number to help your developers to bug the issue. There appears to be a state that is not captured on the labels that update pricing data for individual stocks. You should have enough to begin debugging it.

  • Dmite09 David H (@Dmite09) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade please fix your app

  • ethicalhacker22 ehticalworldhacker (@ethicalhacker22) relatou um problema

    @TLS_Pete @TDAmeritrade i help retrieve your hacked, disabled or locked accounts and also get them secured🔐 🔋Just send a dm🤝

  • TLS_Pete Billionaire Trader (@TLS_Pete) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade hey fix your stuff! I cant login at all. Got 5 hours till open.

  • MasterIntegrity AMC Warrior (@MasterIntegrity) relatou um problema

    @Badboypina @Katniss_Stonks @TDAmeritrade please contact this customer as soon as possible!!!

  • Y0ung_Drew The Re@l Drew (@Y0ung_Drew) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade They were enter and they were rejected at time I tried to issue those orders. I perform the same action on Thursday selling shares of DWAC Friday those same type of orders did not go through. At this point it’s a mute point but you all need to do better I will pulling my $ out

  • Y0ung_Drew The Re@l Drew (@Y0ung_Drew) relatou um problema

    @TDAmeritrade Why have my entered orders during the time I had issues have been removed from the history? Seems like you are hiding the fact you did not execute customers orders.